11 Ways to Turn Clutter Into Cash

11 Ways to Turn Clutter Into Cash Photo (cc) by Sofy Marquez

This post comes from Emily Co at partner site POPSUGAR.

Taking out the clutter is part and parcel of a thorough cleaning. But instead of throwing away your belongings, you should try profiting off your used items while you’re at it.

Here are some suggestions on where you can unload your stuff for cash.

1. Facebook

If you don’t feel comfortable selling to a complete stranger, you might want to first list your items for sale on your personal Facebook page. Many of my friends have bought and sold items from their Facebook networks with a lot of success.

The pluses of using this social media network to sell are that it’s free to list and you’ll be dealing with people you know.

2. Amazon

Amazon is a popular place to sell used items, and it really makes the selling process easier and more secure. You can get rid of a wide variety of items in this online marketplace, anything from books to cooking equipment, with ease.

The nice thing about it is you don’t have to monitor your account and rush to the post office as soon as your item has been bought. You can opt to send all the items to Amazon’s warehouse first, and it will ship out the goods as people purchase them.

3. StubHub

If you’re looking to do away with event tickets, StubHub is one of the best options out there, simply because of the ease and security that’s specific to ticket selling.

4. Gift Card Granny

Have a bunch of gift cards left over from birthdays and holidays? According to Gift Card Granny, you can sell them for up to 93.4 percent of the value on this gift card resell site, a seriously great deal.

5. NextWorth

This site is one of the most well-known marketplaces for used electronics. What’s great about this is it gives you the option of either shipping the items to NextWorth or trading them in at any Target near you for store credit.

6. Consignment store

There is always the good old-fashioned way of selling your items at a consignment store. The benefits to doing this include not having to carefully craft listings, no visits to the post office, no delivery charges, and you can get rid of multiple items at once. One drawback: You might be able to get a better price online.

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