18 Christmas Gifts for the Travel Lover on Your List

18 Christmas Gifts for the Travel Lover on Your List Photo (cc) by MLazarevski

Whether it’s for business or pleasure, one of the individuals on your shopping list seems always to be on the go. And while the destination may be exciting, very few of us actually enjoy the experience of flying, with cramped seating, bad plane food and the neverending prospect of a cancellation or delay.

So why not get the traveler on your Christmas list a gift that will make the experience more enjoyable? We’ve got you covered with some gift ideas that are sure to send your favorite traveler off in style and comfort on his or her next trip:

1. Comfort gift set

Plane seats aren’t the most comfortable places to rest, but a plush neck support pillow and eye mask set will provide some relief. Throw in some really good earplugs and your traveler might actually be able to catch some zzzs without waking up with a crooked neck.

2. Portable GPS

Your traveler won’t have to spend time trying to find his way or wandering in circles in unfamiliar territories with this device in his arsenal. Now, I know what you’re thinking: Doesn’t everyone have a smartphone now? True, but you don’t want to drain that battery, because opportunities to charge can be few and far between. Which brings me to…

3. Phone charging case

A number of companies sell smartphone cases that can store enough power to charge your phone many times over, extending battery life for days without needing to plug into a wall. It also couldn’t hurt to buy your friend an extra USB charger, as they inevitably get left behind.

4. Luggage scale

A luggage scale is the gift that keeps on giving, saving your traveler countless dollars on overweight baggage fees. With this handy tool, your traveler can rest assured his luggage is under the weight limit before arriving at the check-in counter.

5. Reading material

Your traveler will appreciate an inspirational read that motivates him to step it up a notch in his personal and professional life. Avoid self-help books, which can send the wrong message (no one wants to be reminded of their personal failings at Christmas). Instead, opt for a good memoir, some language books, or better yet, travel books.

6. Portable seasoning kit

This assortment of seasonings is perfect to add a slight dose of flavor or spice up meals everywhere your traveler goes. And airplane food needs all the help it can get.

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