4 Best Plans to Keep Your Old Phone With

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You always get the best cellphone deals when you switch carriers, but usually those deals involve getting a new device. But what are the best deals for folks who are perfectly happy with their current phone?

If you already love your smartphone and still want to take advantage of a deal while switching carriers, there are plenty of promotions worth checking out. These are the best bring-your-own-device (BYOD) wireless deals available right now.

T-Mobile: Get $650 virtual prepaid card when you switch and BYOD

Existing AT&T and Verizon customers can get a $650 prepaid card if they switch over to T-Mobile. Here’s everything you need to do to qualify for the free $650 credit:

  • Switch from AT&T or Verizon to T-Mobile.
  • Bring your own device with financing agreement.
  • Port in your old phone number.

In summary, T-Mobile will take your current financing agreement with AT&T and Verizon and give you $650 in credit when you make the switch.

For a lot of people, that $650 credit will pay off the remaining balance on your device. You can take advantage of this deal when you switch to any T-Mobile unlimited data plan.

AT&T: Get $500 in bill credits when you switch and BYOD

It’s not quite as lucrative as T-Mobile’s BYOD deal, but still pretty awesome if you want to switch to AT&T and keep your phone.

If you take advantage of the deal, you’ll get $500 in bill credits, which you can use to pay off the remaining balance on your financed device, or you can have the credit apply to your cellphone bill.

Here’s how you can qualify for the BYOD deal with AT&T:

  • Bring your own device.
  • Port in your old phone number.
  • Start a new line on a postpaid AT&T plan.

Along with the $500 bill credit, AT&T will also waive that annoying activation fee when you start a new service if you switch online.

U.S. Cellular: Get $300 in bill credits when you switch and BYOD

U.S. Cellular offers a similar deal to the AT&T and T-Mobile plans, but it’s not quite as much of a bargain compared with the other two.

On the plus side, U.S. Cellular owns its own wireless network and provides excellent coverage in rural areas, especially in the Midwestern United States. If you want to switch to U.S. Cellular and get potentially better coverage where you live, then consider bringing your own phone and taking advantage of this deal. Here’s how to qualify for the $300 in bill credits:

  • Start a new line with an unlimited plan on U.S. Cellular’s network.
  • Offer not available in Northwestern United States (Washington, Oregon or California).

It’s a pretty simple process to get your $300 in bill credits on U.S. Cellular, assuming you don’t live anywhere near the Northwest.

Boost Mobile: Get $10 off for six months when you BYOD

If you sign up for a Boost Mobile unlimited plan and port in your number, you can get $10 off your bill for the first six months of your service. It may not sound like much compared with the previous deals, but it’s a $60 value over the course of six months. Considering Boost Mobile already offers cheap prepaid plans, your overall cost is going to be pretty low.

To qualify for the BYOD deal, you’ll just need to pay for one month of service, and the $10 discount will be applied for the next six months.

Those are all the best BYOD deals available right now. Remember, even if you want to keep your cellphone when you switch carriers, you can still qualify for some awesome deals.

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