5 Places to Check for the Best Cell Phone Plans

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When every dollar counts, one of the first places to check for savings is in recurring bills — especially where you have room to negotiate or go to a competitor.

Your phone is a perfect example. If you suspect there are cell phone deals you’re missing out on, now is the perfect time to check. There may also be features you no longer need or never should have had in the first place.

If you want to find the best cell phone plans with the biggest savings, here’s where to look.

1. BillCutterz

If you’re looking to reduce your phone bill — or any bill, for that matter — check out BillCutterz. While it won’t comparison-shop cell phone plans, it can take a look at your current cable, internet, landline, security, satellite, gym, landscaping, pest control and phone bills on your behalf.

You can certainly call up your phone company and negotiate yourself, but it might be more of a hassle for you than having a professional do it. Especially when that professional only gets paid if you save.

BillCutterz can help ensure you are getting the best phone deals by asking after things like senior discounts and other promotions. Any savings it secures are split 50/50 with you for a year. And you can save an extra 10% by paying BillCutterz its entire share of the spoils in advance.

You just send BillCutterz PDFs or high-quality photos of your bills, and it gets to work. The entire process usually takes less than 48 hours, leaving you plenty of time to check for other savings or take a few surveys for money.

2. Trim

A similar service that can ensure the best cell phone deals is Trim. Again, this isn’t a tool to compare cell phone plans, but to reduce existing bills, ranging from cable and internet to phone and medical bills.

Like BillCutterz, Trim can negotiate bills on your behalf once you provide copies of your bills. Alternatively, you can provide the login credentials to your major service providers, and Trim can take it from there.

If Trim can’t get better phone plan deals or secure whatever savings you’re after, you don’t pay anything. If it can, though, Trim bills you 33% of the annual savings, and, unlike BillCutterz, it wants the money upfront.

Trim offers a few other services besides bill negotiation, including helping you automate bank savings, offering financial coaching and helping you cancel subscriptions you no longer need. Maybe that will include canceling your cable, since you can get free movie streaming and TV from many services.

3. Tello

Moving on to where to find cheap cell phone plans you can switch to, one provider to check out is Tello.

It’s a discount wireless carrier that operates on Sprint’s network, so you can expect 4G LTE coverage similar to Sprint’s, but without Sprint’s rules and contracts and with cheap phone plans. The monthly plan rates range from $5 to $39, and you can customize the plan to suit your needs.

These plans compare favorably with the best cell phone plans anywhere else: unlimited data, texting and calling, plus the ability to use your phone as a mobile hotspot at no extra charge. On the prepaid plans, you can make international calls to Canada, Mexico and China at no extra cost, too.

You can even transfer your existing phone number and phone if it’s Sprint-compatible.

4. Twigby

Twigby is another place you might find the best phone plans for your budget.

Twigby has access to both Sprint’s and Verizon’s networks. It defaults to Sprint, but switches to Verizon if you’re outside Sprint’s coverage area. As with Tello, you can bring your number and phone over if it’s Sprint-compatible.

Plans range from $9 to $43 depending on how much call time and data you need, and there’s a 25% discount for your first six months of service. It offers unlimited texting, plus international calls to Canada, Mexico, China and more than a dozen other countries.

The best cell phone plans are the ones that don’t make you worry about hidden fees, and Twigby offers the benefit of setting custom limits for your usage. You can receive text notifications when you are at 50% or 100% of your monthly limits.

Even if you don’t set limits and accidentally go over what your plan covers, you’re only charged for the difference to the next highest plan.

5. Money Talks News

Last but not least, we can also help you find the right phone plan right here!

You can compare phones and plans — and get help with many other important financial products and services — in our Solutions Center.

Our phone and plan comparison tool allows you to filter out options that don’t have the amount of data, minutes or messages you need; search by coverage for your address; or look only at plans from specific networks. Whatever your priorities, we can help find the best plan for you.

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