5 Reasons You’ll Want a Credit Card During the Zombie Apocalypse

5 Reasons You’ll Want a Credit Card During the Zombie Apocalypse Photo (cc) by Michael R Perry

Halloween is here and that means witches, vampires and the occasional Miley Cyrus may be arriving at your front door for treats.

If your neighbor’s zombie outfit looks a little too real, you might want to be aware that NBC News has reported real-life zombies may be roaming at large.

Since we here at Money Talks News are all about bringing you the best financial advice for whatever life hands you, here are some reasons you might want to keep your credit card handy once the zombie apocalypse begins.

1. Tap ‘n’ go technology

Anyone who has seen “Zombieland” knows the first rule of surviving the apocalypse is cardio. Meaning, if you are slow, you are going to be some zombie’s dinner.

Fortunately, your credit card can be your best friend in getting you on the go as quickly as possible. New contactless payment methods mean you can fill your gas tank, tap your card to pay and hit the road faster than you can say George Romero.

2. Express checkouts

But wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t even have to stop and pay at all? I mean, when Rick on “The Walking Dead” woke up in the hospital, the apocalypse had already taken place, but wouldn’t it have been a bummer if the hospital was being overrun by zombies and he had to wait to make a payment during his discharge?

Registering your credit card in advance can get you out of a hotel fast and keep you one step ahead of the flesh-eating zombies.

3. Online shopping

The Zombie Squad recommends you have a good stockpile of food, water and essentials on hand so you can hunker down and ride out the return of the dead. But if you didn’t plan in advance, you really don’t want to make a grocery run when a zombie could be hanging out in aisle seven.

Instead, go online with your credit card and have your supplies delivered right to your door.

4. Priority seating and travel upgrades

It sure was lucky that Gerry Lane was seated at the front of the plane in “World War Z” rather than in the back where the zombie was hiding in the bathroom.

Now, he didn’t use his credit card to get that sweet seat, but you can definitely use your travel rewards credit card to get upgrades like priority seating. In addition, your airline card may even give you access to exclusive airport lounges which, we hope, will also be zombie-free.

5. Travel insurance

Finally, many credit cards come with extras like travel insurance for airfare purchased with the card. That may come in handy when you discover zombies have been sighted in Korea and that is where you were planning your next getaway.

Take our advice: Cancel your Korean vacation, file an insurance claim and use that money to book the next flight to Jerusalem. But when you get there, you’ll want to contain your enthusiasm. Trust us. (If you’ve seen “World War Z,” you know what we’re talking about.)

Of course, your credit card is really only useful at the start of the apocalypse. Once mass hysteria takes over and the world turns into a wasteland, you’re going to want to hope Daryl Dixon and his crossbow are nearby. Because at that point, ain’t no credit card going to help you.

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