5 Top Budget-Friendly Cellphones That Can Save You Hundreds

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Everyone knows about the latest Apple and Samsung phones, and those will probably continue to be the most popular phones on the market for a long while yet. But with the prices for the newest iPhones and Galaxy phones pushing further into the stratosphere, it’s a great time to consider some other increasingly sophisticated models that won’t break the bank.

Here are our picks of the top 5 non-Apple or Samsung phones.

(Note: The price of phones currently may differ from the “Cost at launch” stated below.)

Google Pixel 3

Cost at launch: $799

Google is relentlessly improving its cellphones, pushing its Pixel line into competition with the top-selling devices. Last year’s model, the Google Pixel 3, has a single camera — compared to the Samsung Galaxy S10’s 3 rear cameras — but it takes some of the most amazing photos of all flagship smartphones. Although the Pixel 3’s processor is slightly older (and slower) than the S10’s, this device is a terrific alternative.

The great news about the Pixel 3 is that it’s become easier to buy. Previously Verizon was the only major carrier to carry this phone, but now T-Mobile and Sprint have joined the party, offering installment and leasing options (respectively) for this phone. You can also buy the Google Pixel 3 from a number of prepaid carriers.

Google Pixel 3a

Cost at launch: $399

If you want a great phone and don’t mind sacrificing a few bells and whistles, take a look at Google’s newest budget-friendly phone — the Pixel 3a. Recently released, this phone offers the same rear-camera quality as the Pixel 3. Selling at a significantly lower price point, this Pixel does not include water and dust resistance, additional microphones and speakers, Gorilla Glass or Wireless charging.

The Pixel 3a also has a slower processor than the Pixel 3, with speeds some say are comparable to an iPhone 7. However, when you look at the price tag of $399 outright, the Pixel 3a is a great deal.

LG G8 ThinQ

Cost at launch: $840

If J-Lo is promoting the phone, you know it’s good, right? LG’s latest ThinQ phone is designed to impress, with one of the coolest features being the Hand ID technology. It’s like iPhone’s Touch ID, but you don’t actually have to touch your phone to unlock it — simply place your hand in front of your phone and voila! If you prefer fingerprint ID or face recognition unlock, those are both options too. The LG G8 ThinQ also stands out from iPhones and Samsung Galaxy phones with its range of “touchless” commands. Simply wave your hand in front of your phone to launch your favorite apps, accept calls, snooze your alarms, and more. If you’ve seen Minority Report (or any film set in the future) you’ll have a basic idea of what using touchless commands looks like.

Motorola G7

Cost at launch: $299

If price is your main concern, then the Motorola G7 should be at the top of your list of phones to consider (alongside the Google Pixel 3a). You’ll still get a decent camera (12MP and 5MP dual camera system), water repellent design, face and fingerprint unlock, super-fast charging (9-hour charge in just 15 minutes).

OnePlus 7 Pro

Cost at launch: $699.99

This is the latest phone released from the lesser known OnePlus — released just this month. There isn’t a ton of talk about OnePlus phones, maybe because these phones are exclusive to T-Mobile in the U.S., but these phones are definitely worth a look. Both the OnePlus 7 Pro and the Samsung Galaxy S10 offer triple cameras on the rear, although the OnePlus 7 Pro’s main rear camera offers 48MP quality, compared to the S10’s main camera which offers up to 12MP only.

Camera specs aside, you’re going to get great screen resolution, high-speed charging, fingerprint and face-recognition technology, and other great features like those that make Samsung and iPhones so popular.

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