7 Cities with Jobs, Rent Prices and ‘Cool Factor’ for Millennials

Millennials are flocking to these cities, and not just for jobs, but for the nightlife, food, reasonable rents — and other millennials.

7 Cities with Jobs, Rent Prices and ‘Cool Factor’ for Millennials Photo (cc) by prind1m

Millennials, a loosely defined generation that includes those born between 1980 and the early 1990s, or that stretches into the early 2000s, depending on whom you ask, are notoriously indecisive. Not through any sort of defect, but simply because they have so many more options than any previous generation.

Deciding where to live is among the most important choices millennials face. It’s important to search for the right city or town, factoring in not just job opportunities, but things like public transportation, the local arts and music scene, restaurants and bars, access to organic food and sustainable resources, and the intangible coolness of a place.

The cities on this list have been chosen by demographics, (including statistics on how many millennials live there), median monthly rent (cheaper is better) and general entertainment value (mainly restaurants and nightlife).

While previous generations flocked to cities like New York and Los Angeles, a number of other cities are growing more appealing — and in many cases, remain much more affordable — as new industries take root, drawing in people from diverse backgrounds.

Here are a few cities millennials are now choosing to call home:

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