The 7 Best Labor Day Sales

The 7 Best Labor Day Sales
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Labor Day weekend sales tend to be the best holiday weekend sales of the year.

So, now is the best time to cross some gift shopping off your list before Black Friday kicks off that harried season. And it’s a great time to buy all kinds of things for yourself or your household.

The sales

Following are seven of the most noteworthy Labor Day weekend sales we’ve seen so far. All prices were checked on Thursday afternoon. We noted when these sales end whenever a retailer provided that information.

Boosting your savings

The only thing better than scoring a sale price is paying an even lower price. And savvy shoppers can easily do just that this weekend by earning cash back on their purchase or paying with a discounted gift card — or both.

To earn cash back on a sale purchase — and many other purchases — go through a cash-back portal. These websites and apps will give you cash rebates for doing so, as I detail in “3 Websites That Pay You for Shopping.”

Examples of cash-back portals include:

Of course, you can also earn cash back by using a cash-back credit card.

To boost your savings via discounted gift card, buy one from a wholesale club like Costco or Sam’s Club or from a discounted gift card marketplace like or Then, simply use the gift card to buy stuff.

If you get the gift card for 10 percent off its face value, for example, you will effectively save an extra 10 percent on everything you buy with the gift card.

What’s your favorite Labor Day weekend sale or savings tactic? Share it with us by commenting below or over on our Facebook page.

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