8 Top Tips From A Money Saving Mom

If you think you know how to save money, think again… When the Rachel Ray show was looking for the thriftiest mom in America, they found Margie Read.

Margie reuses paper towels, and long before it was “in”. She only runs some of her appliances at night, after 9 when your electricity prices fall. She’ll reuse dryer sheets up to three times. Margie only buys when she can find a sale, and regularly shops at the back of stores where marked down items live. And why not grab some extra condiment packets the next time you’re at a fast food restaurant? Margie does. But of course, clipping coupons and scouring the classifieds will also yield some great deals. As for new, trendy items? Margie just waits a few months for the price to come down; patience is all it takes.

Think Margie is being too thrifty? Well, think about this… she says she’s saved enough money through penny pinching to but both her daughters through college.

8 Top Tips From A Money Saving Mom

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