8 Tuition-Free U.S. Colleges

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With an average sticker price of $20,090 a year, a college education in the United States is far from cheap. But students at eight U.S. universities are earning their degrees without having to shell out a dime for tuition.

There’s a catch — getting accepted is crazy difficult. CNBC explains:

“Each school is geared to determined young scholars eager to challenge themselves throughout their college career. In return for a degree at no cost – and with no debt burden – the commitment they require, even after graduation, is steep.”

These eight universities offer their students a tuition-free education:

  • Berea College — Berea, Kentucky. This private Christian college requires students to take a full course schedule while working 10 to 15 hours each week in a job that aligns with their major in an effort to “repay the college for extending them the cost of tuition and room and board,” says BestColleges.com. Classroom attendance is also mandatory for students, CNBC says.
  • College of the Ozarks — Point Lookout, Missouri. “Dubbed Hard Work U, this is one of the hardest Midwestern schools to get into, with an 8 percent acceptance rate,” CNBC reports.
  • Deep Springs College — Big Pine, California. This small two-year all-male college admits just 22 to 25 students a year.
  • U.S. Air Force Academy — near Colorado Springs, Colorado. Air Force Academy grads must commit to five years of active duty service with the military
  • U.S. Coast Guard Academy — New London, Connecticut. After completing schooling at the academy, students must commit to spending at least five years of service — most often that service involves going to sea.
  • U.S. Merchant Marine Academy — Kings Point, New York. “It’s known for having the hardest academic standards but the widest variety of career options of all the service academies,” says CNBC.
  • U.S. Military Academy — West Point, New York. Graduates of this academy, which has just a 9 percent acceptance rate, must serve five years of active duty and three years in the reserve.
  • U.S. Naval Academy — Annapolis, Maryland. This academy requires grads to serve five years as an officer, plus time in the reserves.

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