9 Christmas Gifts That Keep Giving All Year

Give the special people in your life a subscription and they'll get something they love every month, all year long.

9 Christmas Gifts That Keep Giving All Year Photo (cc) by Jonas N

Every December, you join the masses of last-minute shoppers in an effort to select the perfect gift for everyone on your Christmas list.

But there’s always some doubt lingering in your mind. Maybe she won’t like her scarf, or he’ll despise the smell of his cologne.

What may be a better alternative: Give the special people in your life a subscription to something you know they’ll love. Not only can you do all the shopping online, but your loved one gets a gift that keeps on giving, and with monthly packages with an assortment of new goods, you’ll hit the right note over and over.

Here are some gift box subscriptions worth considering:

1. The Handy Box (Cost: Starting at $24.95/month)

The Handy Box delivers useful tools and gadgets each month, allowing its recipient to build a tool kit with all the essentials and more.

2. Beauty Box Five (Cost: Starting at $30/3 months)

Your favorite gal pal deserves to be pampered. With each box, she’ll receive five deluxe samples of full-sized beauty products to try out.

3. BarkBox (Cost: Starting at $19/month)

The BarkBox isn’t so much a gift for the man on your list as it is for his best friend, with toys, bones, treats, gadgets and hygiene products for the canine in his life.

4. Craft Beer Club (Cost: Starting at $39/month)

With this subscription, your loved one can test drive 12 or 24 new craft brews each month and invite friends over to join in the fun. It’s the perfect gift for the beer connoisseur.


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