A Successful Uber Driver Partner Shares His Top 7 Tips

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Unlike many drivers who work part-time, David Lowell is a real deal, full-time Uber driver partner.

“I’m not retired. I’ve got two boys in college,” says Lowell, 61. “I do this for a living full-time.”

His success as an Uber driver partner doesn’t happen without professional effort and serious focus. We asked Lowell for some of his tips and secrets. We’ll share those with you in a moment. First, make sure you are qualified. You do not need to have professional driving experience to drive for Uber, however, you must meet some minimum requirements:

Minimum requirements

  • You must be at least 21 years of age.
  • Have at least one year of licensed​ driving experience in the U.S. (or three years if you are under 23 years old).
  • You must have a valid U.S. driver’s license.
  • You must show proof of vehicle registration and insurance.
  • You must use an eligible four-door vehicle.

Click here for all the details of the program.

Now, here are some of the secrets that Lowell shares to help you become a successful Uber driver partner.

1. Provide a sense of luxury

As a driver, Lowell uses a luxury sport utility vehicle.

If you’re just getting started, you may not have access to a top-of-the-line vehicle like Lowell’s, but he offers other affordable amenities that should be within reach for any driver, including a phone charger, mints and snacks, cough drops, hand lotion, bottles of water and personal packs of tissues.

“This is how we get more tips,” says Lowell.

2. Put in the hours

Like many Uber driver partners, Lowell enjoys the flexibility.

“We have a flexible schedule. We drive as much as we want. We drive as little as we want,” he says.

But to succeed, you have to put the hours in.

Lowell is online and available for a picking up customers every day of the week.

3. Go where the people are

He encourages new drivers to think about places people need transportation such as to and from restaurants, concerts, sporting events, high density areas on weekends, airports and train stations.

“Think about when and where people need transportation. Most drivers don’t think about the basics,” Lowell says.

“You need to be in the right place at the right time.”

4. Drive and act courteously

Introduce yourself. Obvious as this seems, take the time to say hello and a build a rapport with the customer.

“Introduce yourself by name. They feel safe,” Lowell says. “Always introduce yourself with your first name.”

Have good manners and keep a shiny, clean car.

“Have a clean car. Have some customer service skills. Never get into conflict with people. The customer is always right,” Lowell advises.

Drive responsibly.

“Be a good driver. Don’t go over speed bumps fast. Act like a professional,” Lowell advises.

5. Ask the customer about the route

Some customers might want to avoid the interstate or prefer the scenic route. Be sure to ask.

“Ask if they have a preferred route. People appreciate that. They feel like they’re getting value,” Lowell says.

6. Don’t go it alone

Seek out a local support group.

“Join a local (Uber) driver Facebook group,” Lowell advises.

7. Be creative in where you look for rides

“Think outside the box. You’ve got to go out and find the rides,” Lowell says. “The rides won’t find you.”

Lowell says he enjoys this work.

“It’s fun we’re in demand. We work where we want. We go to nice places. We go where the action is,” Lowell says.

And he says becoming a successful Uber driver partner is pretty straightforward.

“You just need a clean car, a good attitude and common sense and time and effort.”

Click here for all the details of the program.

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