Americans’ Favorite Credit Card Issuers

Cardholders continue to give Discover and American Express top satisfaction ratings.

Americans’ Favorite Credit Card Issuers Photo (cc) by _Dinkel_

Discover, American Express and Barclays are the best credit card issuers of the year, according to a recent survey.

USAA actually received the highest ratings across the board, but it was omitted from most of the analysis due to membership requirements.

Credio surveyed 6,600 cardholders to analyze 10 issuers for its 2015 U.S. Credit Card Satisfaction Report. Satisfaction was determined based on how cardholders rated customer service, fees, rewards and benefits, issuer, and overall satisfaction. The final factor was determined by averaging the ratings from the first four categories.

The highest overall satisfaction ratings went to:

  1. USAA (4.52 out of 5)
  2. Discover (4.23)
  3. American Express (4.18)
  4. Barclaycard (4.05)
  5. U.S. Bank (3.98)

As CBS News reported today, the results of Credio’s survey resemble those of other credit card surveys:

Discover and AmEx tied for first place in the latest customer loyalty engagement index from Brand Keys. They also tied for J.D. Power’s award last year for the highest customer satisfaction of credit-card companies.

In Credio’s survey, cardholders were most satisfied by their card’s performance in the following areas:

  • Valuable rewards features (48.2 percent)
  • Customer service (38.6 percent)
  • Low fees and rates (37.2 percent)

Rewards were along atop the reasons cardholders cited for choosing their primary credit card:

  1. Benefits and rewards (cited by 48.1 percent of cardholders)
  2. Existing accounts and/or services with their issuer (35.3 percent)
  3. Low interest rates (21.5 percent)

How did you choose your credit card issuer? How satisfied are you with it? Sound off with a comment below or on our Facebook page.

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