Are You Still Paying for a Home Phone?

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Some of us have a hard time giving up on our tried and true home phones. You can always rely on your home phone to make and receive phone calls without any problems.

If you can relate with the past two sentences then there’s a very good chance you’re not on the right cellphone plan. It’s likely that you’re already paying for both a cellphone line and a home landline, so let’s see if we can cut the home landline out of the equation, find you a better cellphone plan and help you save some money every month and get a better experience.

The easiest way to break away from your home phone is to find a cellphone plan that satisfies all your needs.

There’s a couple of factors to consider when finding the perfect cellphone plan, and as good a place to start as any is with coverage. If you have reliable cellphone coverage in your neighborhood, you won’t need to feel reliant on a home phone connection.

How to check cellphone coverage in your area

The easiest way to compare cellphone coverage is by using the coverage checker from Here are the steps to check cellphone coverage in your area:

  1. After navigating to the WhistleOut homepage, select the blue “cellphone Plans” button.
  2. On the right-hand side of the screen, you’ll see the words “Coverage Check” with a box underneath that reads “Enter Street Address.” Enter your address in that box.
  3. Hit the “Search” button.
  4. In the top right corner of your screen, you’ll see a gray “Map” button. Click that button, and you’ll be brought down to an interactive map that you can click and use.
  5. Select the carrier you want to check and look at the map to see what coverage you can expect in your area.

You want to see as much purple as possible for your chosen network in your neighborhood. The provider with the most purple would be a good choice for coverage in your area. This tool can make your decision to ditch your home phone a little easier.

How to choose the right cellphone plan

The second-biggest hurdle when it comes to leaving your home phone is choosing a cellphone plan that will replace everything you need it to.

For your cellphone to feel anything like a home phone, you’ll need unlimited talk so you can call friends and loved ones whenever you feel like it. Unlimited talk and unlimited text cellphones usually go hand-in-hand, and your monthly price will mostly depend on how much wireless data you want.

The more data your cellphone includes, the more expensive your monthly payment gets. If you want to keep your cellphone payment similar to a home phone payment, check out these cellphone plans with unlimited talk and text, but with lower data quantities:

All the above cellphone plans are bare-bones when it comes to wireless data, but you will get unlimited talk and text. Remember, you can always just connect to free Wi-Fi spots for most of your wireless needs. It’s basically the same thing as grabbing your home phone, putting it in your pocket and taking it wherever you go.

For a lot of folks, the benefit of a home phone is the ability to make long-distance phone calls without incurring heavy roaming fees. If you’ve got friends and loved ones you want to communicate with abroad, Mint Mobile offers some of the cheapest international rates around.

For starters, Mint Mobile gives its customers free calling to Mexico and Canada. You can search on Mint Mobile’s website to find out the rates for calling other countries.

For example, I typed Bolivia in the search bar, and it turns out it would cost 8.5 cents per minute to call a landline in Bolivia, and 11.5 cents per minute to call a mobile line in Bolivia.

Factoring in that Mint Mobile itself offers affordable cellphone plans, the combination of the cheap international rates makes for an awesome value package. Here are Mint Mobile’s cellphone plan offerings right now:

As long as you check cellphone coverage in your area and find the right cellphone plan, it’s actually quite easy to cancel your home phone plan and save a little money every month. Armed with this knowledge, feel empowered to get on a call with your home phone provider and cancel your payment.

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