Ask Stacy: If My Debt Is Sold to a Collection Agency, Do I Still Have to Pay It?

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Today’s question is about debt; specifically, whether you can legally dodge a debt that’s been sold to a collection agency.

This one is right up my alley. My first book is called “Life or Debt,” and I’ve served on the boards of two nonprofit credit-counseling agencies.

So, is a debt invalidated when it’s sold to a collection agency? Watch the following video and find out.

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Don’t want to watch? Here’s what I said in the video

Hello, everyone, and welcome to your money Q&A question of the day. I’m your host, Stacy Johnson, and this question is brought to you by, serving up the best in personal finance news and advice since 1991.

Let’s get to our question. It is from Lisa:

“I read an article that stated if a creditor sells or turns over your account to a third party collection agency they breech the original agreement, thus making that debt null and void. Is this true?”

Just to make sure we’re all on the same page, let’s boil this down. Let’s say you incurred a debt, but you didn’t pay it. It’s turned over to a collection agency, and it’s coming after you. Lisa wants to know if she can tell the collection agency, “Hey, I didn’t have a deal with you, I had it with the original creditor. Therefore, I don’t owe you anything.”

I hate to break it to you, Lisa, but that ain’t the way it works.

The original creditor — say a bank or credit card company — is allowed to sell debts to third-party collection agencies, and those collection agencies are legally allowed to come after you for payment.

I suspect Lisa got this idea from social media or some other source online where falsehoods flourish. I’ve seen similar articles. But if you think about it, that’s crazy. The debt-collection business has been around a long time, and it wouldn’t exist if this were true.

Obviously, it’s bad for your credit history to show collections, and you should do what you can to deal with them. But be cautious.

There’s a clock that begins running when you don’t pay a bill, and selling a debt to a collection agency doesn’t restart that clock. However, some debt collectors will attempt to trick you into restarting the clock by getting you to do something like making a small payment. So, be really careful when you’re dealing with these guys. We’ve got lots of articles about what to do on

Something else to know: If you’re getting harassed by a debt collector, think about getting a lawyer. You can often get one free, because a lawyer will go after debt collectors that are breaking the law, which many do. The lawyer will get his or her fee from pursuing these collectors.

Bottom line? If you’ve got debt problems, start reading. There’s info at, as well as lots of other sites.

Now it’s time for our quote of the day. This one comes to us from legendary reggae star Bob Marley.

“If it takes money to be happy, your search for happiness will never end.”

Have a profitable day. Meet me right here next time!

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