Cutting Cooling Bills
Cutting Cooling Bills

on April 27, 2008

We’d all like to save more money, and most of us wouldn’t mind doing a few good things for the environment while we’re at it. In fact, there are probably things you could be doing right now to benefit both causes, and they only take a few seconds!

Eliminating Back Taxes

on March 30, 2007

Q: My husband and I owe in excess of 31,000.00 in back taxes. We have learned all too well that our ignorance of tax witholding laws is no excuse to the IRS. I would like to know how to choose an agency that can help us to eliminate or reduce our tax debt to a … Continued

Investing For College

on March 12, 2007

There was a time not so long ago that I could have skipped this article, saying something like, ìInvesting for college is like any other long-term investment goal. You simply invest in stocks, bonds and/or money market funds like you would for retirement or anything else.îThese days, however, there are now sufficient tax advantaged scenarios … Continued

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