sports super fans
15 Cities With the Most Professional Sports Championships

on July 1, 2022

Successful professional sports teams seem to be concentrated in these cities.

Woman rubbing her eyes
The 25 Most Sleep-Deprived Cities in the U.S.

on March 28, 2022

These places have the largest share of adults not getting the recommended minimum sleep on a typical night.

Wind turbines in Ellensburg, Washington
Which U.S. States Are Producing the Most Wind Energy?

on March 22, 2022

Based on federal data, these states are generating the most megawatt-hours of wind energy each year.

Happy senior couple using computer at home
15 Cities With the Most Digitally-Connected Seniors

on March 17, 2022

Census data shows these places have the most seniors using computers, smartphones and high-speed internet.

renewable energy
15 States That Produce the Most Renewable Energy

on November 1, 2021

These states lead the nation when it comes to producing renewable energy such as solar, wind and hydroelectric.

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