Avoiding Post Office Lines

The holidays come complete with many traditions, from trimming a tree to exchanging gifts. But there’s one tradition most of us could do without: waiting in line at the Post Office. If you hate those lines, here are three ways to easily skip them…

If you’ve got a computer and a printer, then you can make use of the USPS’s Click-N-Ship, an online service that lets you print labels with postage without ever visiting a Post Office. Try Click-N-Ship

If you don’t have a computer and therefore can’t use Click-N-Ship, you can still bypass lines at the Post Office simply by using an Automated Postal Center. These self-service kiosks look a lot like ATM machines and, with the exception of international shipping, you can do anything at an automated postal center that you can do at the post office counter. The USPS estimates 85% of all possible transactions can be done using one of these kiosks.

And if all you need are stamps, you can simply order them online. Not fast enough? Duck into a grocery store; most carry stamps, as do many other stores like pharmacies. And don’t worry, there’s no extra charge if you buy your stamps there. Then just grab a postal scale and you’re all set! You’ll have your own “home post office”.

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