The 3 Best Months to Negotiate a Lower Internet Bill

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Cutting costs
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High-speed internet has become like telephone, heat and water services — a basic necessity that few of us are willing to live without.

But staying online is also expensive. The best way to cut that cost is to shop around — ask your provider for a better rate or find a cheaper provider — and summer is the perfect time to do it.

In fact, June, July and August are the three months when internet services providers are most likely to cut their prices, according to a new survey by BroadbandNow. So you would be wise to try negotiating a better price with your current provider or another company.

BroadbandNow — a website that helps consumers find and compare internet service providers — analyzed every price change from 2016 to 2018 by all internet service providers serving at least 1 million consumers.

In looking over the records, BroadbandNow concluded that shopping during the summer could save you $100 to $250 annually. In some cases, you might save even more.

The worst time to shop? January, September and November. Those are the months when price increases are most likely to occur, according to the analysis.

How to cut your internet costs

While it makes sense to shop for a better internet deal this summer, your venture probably won’t be successful unless you carefully craft a plan to get the best possible deal.

It’s important to scan your bills to see the speed your current service provides, and how much data you use. Once you are armed with this knowledge, you can begin comparing providers.

As we explain in “8 Ways to Slash Your Internet Bill“:

“Many companies can create plans tailored to your usage. Try visiting provider websites and putting in your address to see what your desired speed will cost. Then you can compare the prices of providers in the area.”

Some people can’t stand doing that type of comparison shopping, no matter how much money it might save. If you are among such folks, consider getting a third-party service to do the work for you.

Services like BillCutterz and Trim will evaluate your monthly bill and call your provider to negotiate lower prices on your behalf. In return for doing this, the service will take part of the savings it negotiates for you. You get to keep the rest.

For more on such services, check out “Should You Hire a Service to Negotiate Your Cable and Other Bills?

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