Brilliant Home Hack: DIY Cookbook Hanger Frees Up Counter Space

If you're cooking in a small kitchen or throwing together a feast and need all the counter space you can get, this is the hack for you.

Brilliant Home Hack: DIY Cookbook Hanger Frees Up Counter Space Photo (cc) by Didriks

To me, it seems like there is never enough counter space in the kitchen, and that’s true even when I’m pulling together a reasonably simple meal — say, tacos. That requires a bowl for grating cheese, a chopping board for prepping some veggies, makings for guacamole, a plate of tortillas that need to go into the fridge — well, you get the idea.

Then, if I need to follow a recipe for something more complicated, where is the cookbook supposed to go? Even in a larger kitchen — especially for a major production like Thanksgiving — counter space is always at a premium

So, I’m pretty thrilled with this simple but elegant DIY solution for a cookbook: Grab one of those hangers with a clip on each end that clothing stores use for trousers and skirts or things like swimsuits and lingerie. Use the clips to hold your cookbook open to the correct page, and then hang it on the nearest cupboard handle or pull.

Since most kitchens have cupboards above counters, those provide several different potential locations on which to hang the book. Added bonus: You’re less likely to slop sauce and stuff on the cookbook if it’s hanging instead of lying on your prep surface.

I can imagine applying this hanger solution in a number of other situations where I have found myself juggling several things — such as when trying to follow the assembly instructions for a piece of furniture, or when rocking a baby to sleep and reading a magazine at the same time.

My closets are full of various hangers that have accumulated over the years. If you don’t have the right kind handy, you could likely buy one at a kitchen and bath store, or you can ask for one the next time you buy something at a clothing store.

What are your favorite kitchen hacks? Share them in comments below or on our Facebook page.

Kari Huus
Kari Huus
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