11 Cars With the Best Mileage in Their Class

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Filling the gas tank
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Focusing purely on sticker price can be misleading when shopping for cars. The annual cost of insuring the car and filling the tank are not reflected in that tag on the windshield.

Consumer Reports recently noted that “a small difference in the overall mpg rating can add up to big bucks over years of ownership.”

With this in mind, the publication tested and ranked cars according to how fuel-efficient they are.

If you are trying to save money on gas costs, CR says your best bets in each of the following categories, and their overall mileage, are:

  • Hatchback: BMW i3 Giga — 139 mpg
  • Subcompact car: Mitsubishi Mirage ES — 37 mpg
  • Compact car: Toyota Corolla LE Hybrid — 48 mpg
  • Roadster/sports car: Mazda MX-5 Miata Club (MT) — 34 mpg
  • Midsized: Honda Accord Hybrid EX — 47 mpg
  • Large car: Toyota Avalon Hybrid XLE — 42 mpg
  • Upscale/luxury car: Tesla Model 3 Long Range — 130 mpg
  • Small SUV: Tesla Model Y Long Range — 121 mpg
  • Midsized/large SUV: Tesla Model X 100D — 87 mpg
  • Minivan: Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid — 27 mpg (while running on gas)
  • Pickup: Chevrolet Colorado LT Diesel — 24 mpg

For each of these cars, Consumer Reports tested the current model, which was from either the 2020 or 2021 model year.

Cutting your car costs

As we mentioned at the top, car insurance is another cost that quietly nibbles away at your wallet year after year. Choosing the right car model — preferably one that costs less to insure — can save you money.

So can living in the right state. For more, check out “5 States Where Car Insurance Rates Are Rising in 2021.”

Of course, saving money on gas and insurance won’t pay off if you end up with a car that keeps you in the repair shop. Quality matters when purchasing a vehicle.

So, make sure you choose wisely. Before you head out to the car dealership, read:

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