Woman with cut-up credit card
How to Cancel a Credit Card Step by Step

on December 8, 2022

Here’s how to cancel a credit card — and whether that’s a smart decision.

Excited woman carrying moving boxes to her new home
Coming Soon: $1 Million Mortgages With 3% Down

on December 7, 2022

Next year’s federal loan limits are a reflection of the significant increase in home prices.

Woman says to stop using credit card
Never Buy These 10 Things With Your Credit Card

on November 25, 2022

Credit cards offer many conveniences and protections, but sometimes it’s simply smarter to keep the plastic tucked away.

Doctor discussing test results with a patient
2 Common Health Problems Linked to Higher Alzheimer’s Risk

on November 14, 2022

Managing these factors might lead to better health outcomes.

Young woman smiling and happy with her credit card
Consumers Say These 2 Credit Card Issuers Are the Best

on November 11, 2022

Satisfaction with these companies is trending back up, despite inflation and reduced spending.

Happy couple moving into their first home and celebrating being new homeowners
The Best U.S. Cities to Find a Starter Home

on November 10, 2022

These places favor first-time homebuyers, with lower prices, adequate supply and plenty of smaller homes.

Holiday shopping online with credit card and laptop and gifts
The Best Credit Cards for Black Friday and Holiday Shopping

on November 1, 2022

Is your card providing consistent cash back or monitoring for better prices on your purchases? Why not?

An older man scratches his head and wrinkles his nose while thinking
Should You Refinance Your Mortgage?

on October 19, 2022

There are upsides and downsides, and situations where it really won’t make sense.

Walmart Starts Offering Home Mortgages

on October 13, 2022

You can get just about anything at Walmart — and in some stores, that includes a home loan.

Shocked woman holding a credit card
Credit Scores: Everything You Need to Know

on October 11, 2022

Credit scores and credit reports are completely different — and you should be checking them both.

Man giving a thumbs down in disagreement
5 Reasons Dave Ramsey Is Wrong About Credit Scores

on October 7, 2022

Tons of people listen to his financial advice. But that doesn’t mean he’s got it all right.

Happy woman shopping with credit card in cool weather clothes in autumn
4 Cash-Back Cards to Maximize Holiday Savings

on October 4, 2022

All the seasonal spending could mean a big gift from your credit card.

Couple who made homebuying mistake
Home Prices in 190 U.S. Metros Broke All Known Records in the Last Decade

on September 28, 2022

From a meager 9% gain to a staggering 357% jump, single-family home prices increased across the board. And condo prices aren’t far behind.

How to Get Your Piece of the Student Loan Forgiveness Pie
How to Get Your Piece of the Student Loan Forgiveness Pie

on September 22, 2022

Here’s everything you need to know if you’d like to have up to $20,000 in student debt forgiven.

Couple stressed about finances
6 Things That Are Getting More Expensive Amid Fed Rate Hikes

on September 21, 2022

The Federal Reserve increased the federal funds rate again today. Here is how that decision might damage your finances.

Man calling his credit card company about a charge
Want to Earn Credit Card Rewards? 5 Questions to Ask Yourself First

and on September 15, 2022

Here’s how to know if you’ll break even, much less come out ahead.

Housing costs changing
Will Housing Prices Continue to Drop?

on September 9, 2022

The housing market changed this year. After 10 years of appreciation, the rapid growth of home prices is screeching to a halt.

nervous woman
3 Signs Consumers Are Wobbling in Today’s Economy

on September 6, 2022

A few key credit score metrics are flashing warning signs.

Smiling woman booking travel with her credit card rewards on phone
Prepare for Holiday Travel With These 4 Credit Cards

on September 5, 2022

Make flying for the holidays even cheaper than you will by booking early.

How to Deal When Family and Friends Ask to Borrow
How to Deal When Family and Friends Ask to Borrow

on August 26, 2022

We’ve all been there: a friend or family member is asking for money. Here’s exactly how you should respond.

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