old pretty woman with mouth and eyes wide open and hand on chin, feeling unpleasantly shocked, saying what or wow
5 Things I Really Wish I’d Known Before I Retired

on February 12, 2024

Retirement is full of surprises: some good, some not so much. Here are some things I would have done differently.

Shocked and upset man
Would This Social Security Proposal Kill the IRA and 401(k)?

on February 9, 2024

A radical plan to fix the Social Security funding gap is generating controversy.

A woman looks over paperwork for her investments
7 Countries Where We’re Looking to Make Big Investment Profits This Year

on February 8, 2024

Discover which countries stand to bring you top investment returns.

Businessman or office worker wearing a suit sitting near the window working on laptop and smartphone thinking seriously
4 Ways to Tax-Proof Your Investment Portfolio

on February 7, 2024

Here are some simple strategies for keeping Uncle Sam as far away from your investments as is legally possible.

Happy businessman excited and smiling at his phone
7 Types of Personal Assets That Are Growing — and 3 That Are Shrinking

on February 7, 2024

Despite years of rampant inflation, American finances are still mostly trending upward.

8 Essential Money Moves to Make Before You Die
8 Essential Money Moves to Make Before You Die

on February 7, 2024

If you care about those you’ll leave behind one day, make these moves today.

Happy senior worker looking confident and successful
Top Retirement Tips for 2024 From 5 Retirement Experts

on February 7, 2024

Discover how to make a financial plan that will work for you now and into the future.

Businessman or businesswoman stacking coins and counting money
Here’s How Fast Americans’ Net Worth Is Growing at Every Age

on February 5, 2024

The latest data from the Federal Reserve shows most generations are seeing rising incomes, but even those who aren’t are growing their net worth.

Happy Middle-Aged Couple
The 5 Golden Rules for Having More Money for Your Golden Years

on February 5, 2024

Here are proven ideas to make your retirement savings work as hard for you as you did to earn them.

Good future. Happy romantic mature couple spouses hugging embracing together in city park on a date walking outdoors
7 Money Lessons We Can Learn From the Mega-Rich

on February 2, 2024

Discover the wealth-building strategies that can elevate your financial game.

Seniors working on a budget
5 Retirement Costs That Are Smaller Than People Think — and 1 That’s Much Bigger

on January 31, 2024

Pre-retirees might be worrying a bit too much about several expenses — and not enough about one cost — that will be part of their golden years.

Senior couple looking at their finances on a tablet
5 Bad Decisions That Harm Retirement Readiness the Most — and 5 Choices That Boost It

on January 30, 2024

Discover common blunders that hindered seniors’ retirement plans in the past, and smart choices that helped bring them back on track.

Couple discussing finances
Is a Financial Advisor Better Than a Financial Coach?

on January 29, 2024

Find the right professional for where you are right now in your finance journey.

Woman thinking about retirement
15 Tips for People 5-10 Years From Retirement

on January 27, 2024

These are the top things to do now to prepare for a comfortable retirement and future.

Senior man working among flowers
7 Ways Baby Boomers Will Get By After Social Security Runs Out

on January 25, 2024

Baby boomers are skeptical about Social Security’s future. Here is what they plan to do if the program goes south.

The “Big 5” Retirement Risks and How to Conquer Them
The “Big 5” Retirement Risks and How to Conquer Them

on January 25, 2024

This guide will help you create a rock-solid plan to grow your savings, manage healthcare costs and conquer other common retirement worries.

Businessman gazing into a crystal ball
6 Experts Who Got the 2023 Stock Market Wrong

on January 25, 2024

The stock market had a big year in 2023 — and almost nobody saw it coming.

Pensive senior man with some regrets
Baby Boomers Have Some Harsh Retirement Advice for Their Younger Selves

on January 24, 2024

Younger generations could learn valuable lessons from the regrets of older Americans.

Confused man holding a calculator
10 Ways to Get Your Financial Life in Order

on January 24, 2024

Now is the perfect time to assess and work toward your financial goals.

stressed out frustrated woman doing taxes
What You Must Know About Annuities

on January 23, 2024

Here’s how to know if an annuity is right for you and what to look for.

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