DIY Conversation Hearts: 18 Free or Cheap Options

Are you running out of time to shop for Valentine's Day shopping? Or running low on cash? Maybe you just need the extra brownie points that a handmade gift earns you? These conversation-heart recipes and craft tutorials have got you covered.

DIY Conversation Hearts: 18 Free or Cheap Options Photo (cc) by Samdogs

Bad news: There’s no excuse not to send your loved ones a little love on Valentine’s Day.

Good news: You can craft a custom conversation-heart quip for 0 dollars and 1 minute with an online conversation-heart image generator, Pop Sugar reports.

For a more substantial gift, you can make custom conversation-heart candies for not much more money or time. Your favorite search engine will reveal any number of recipes, like those from Craftsy and Instructables.

For a twist on the classic candy, recipe variations include cookies, cheesecake and fudge. For those counting their calories, craft tutorials include balloons, bookends and soap.

Bake-it-yourself options

Make-it-yourself options

You’re not out of time to do a crafty, personal gift. Tell us what you have planned, or how it turned out, in the comments section below or on our Facebook page.

For some ways to save money on other inspired Valentine’s Day gifts, check out this video.

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