12 Ways Americans Say They’re Saving This Summer

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Americans are more worried now about job security and pay cuts than any time since 2009, so it’s no wonder we’re still trying to pinch pennies wherever we can.

A new Harris poll released last week asked Americans how their spending habits have changed over the past six months. As an added bonus, some of the cost-cutting moves are actually good for our health (eating out less), good for the environment (not buying bottled water), and good for easing traffic jams (more carpooling).

Here are the top dozen, along with the percentages of Americans now using these techniques…

  1. Buy more generic brands – 67 percent
  2. Brown-bag lunch instead of buying it – 46 percent
  3. Go to the hairdresser/barber/stylist less often – 43 percent
  4. Use refillable water bottles instead of buying bottled water – 39 percent
  5. Cancel one or more magazine subscriptions – 31 percent
  6. Cut down on dry cleaning – 24 percent
  7. Cancel or cut back cable TV service – 22 percent
  8. Stop buying coffee in the morning – 21 percent
  9. Cancel a newspaper subscription – 18 percent
  10. Cancel land-line phone service and only use a cell phone – 16 percent
  11. Change a cell phone plan or cancel it – 14 percent
  12. Carpool or use mass transit – 14 percent

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