An Easy, Free Way to Turn Unwanted Gifts Into Cash

For the two days after Christmas, eBay will waive fees for its Valet service. Find out how easy it is to get rid of unwanted gifts while making a profit.

An Easy, Free Way to Turn Unwanted Gifts Into Cash Photo (cc) by

Ebay is making it easier and more profitable to sell unwanted gifts this year.

For the two days after Christmas, the online marketplace will waive the fees for its Valet service, Business Insider reports.

Ebay describes Valet as a “simple way to sell your things on eBay.”

You submit an item you want to sell by mailing it to eBay (with a prepaid shipping label from the company) or by dropping it off at select drop-off locations. Valet takes care of the rest — pricing, listing, selling and shipping to the buyer.

Afterward, you receive:

  • 60 percent of your item’s sale price if it sells for less than $50.
  • 70 percent of your item’s sale price if it sells for $50 to $200.
  • 80 percent of your item’s sale price if it sells for more than $200.

You’ll receive 100 percent of the profit if you request a prepaid shipping label on Dec. 26 or Dec. 27, though, according to Business Insider. And if your item doesn’t sell, it will be sent back to you free.

Business Insider explains:

The website has good reason to remove barriers to entry for new users. As eBay reported in October, most Valet customers progress to buying and selling their own items on eBay, cutting out Valet as the middleman.

According to eBay, items that sell well include:

  • Electronics like cameras, smartphones, tablets, laptops
  • Antiques and collectibles like early-issue comics, rare baseball cards, vintage toys
  • Musical instruments like violins, trumpets, flutes, guitars
  • New and like-new designer clothing, shoes, handbags (See full list of eligible brands and estimated values)
  • Sporting goods and accessories like golf clubs, baseball bats, tennis rackets
  • High-end kitchen appliances like blenders and mixers by brands like KitchenAid, Vitamix, Breville

Items that Valet generally does not accept include:

  • Items that are currently selling for less than $40 on eBay
  • Items in poor condition (torn, stained, broken, smelly, not working, missing accessories)
  • Fragile items that could break in transit (china, vases, mirrors, paintings)
  • Items that are bulky and difficult to ship (surfboards, furniture)
  • High-value items that cannot be authenticated (jewelry, art, watches)
  • Media such as books, magazines, DVDs and CDs (collectibles and box sets are OK)
  • Items that require a license or code (subscriptions, computer games, software)

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