Eaze, the ‘Uber for Pot,’ Delivers Medical Marijuana

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It seems there’s an app for anything these days, even marijuana delivery.

Eaze, dubbed the “Uber for Pot,” is an app that enables medical marijuana patients in San Francisco to order their weed and have it delivered to their front door in just minutes.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Eaze has raised $1.5 million to expand its technology services so it can eventually serve more of California, beyond San Francisco.

“The funding was provided by 40 Silicon-Valley-based angel and institutional investors, spokeswoman Caroline Vespi said, with many of the investors participating in a syndicate launched by Fresh VC on crowdfunding site AngelList,” the WSJ said.

Eaze founder and former Yammer executive Keith McCarty told Pando Daily that Eaze has made hundreds of deliveries a day since the service first started in July. Eaze works with a fleet company that provides drivers.

The front-door marijuana delivery service is free to patients, CNBC said. Eaze is paid a fee by the medical marijuana dispensaries.

“Our revenue model is we charge dispensaries for that lead generation service that we create for them,” McCarty said.

Although medical marijuana is legal in California, it is still a federally banned substance. McCarty said that’s not a concern.

“We are a technology service,” McCarty says. “Although we are serving the medical cannabis community, we’re not touching it at all.”

Eaze announced Thursday a new partnership with SPARC, a San Francisco cannabis dispensary. Robert Jacob, executive director of SPARC, said in a statement:

Making home deliveries to our patients has always been a goal of ours. With Eaze’s technology, we went from zero to hundreds of deliveries within 24 hours of making the decision to partner with Eaze. Clearly, the technology is key.

According to a press release, Eaze plans to expand to Colorado and Washington and eventually other states where medical marijuana is legal.

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