Good News, Job Seekers: Chipotle Plans Massive Hiring Spree

As the job market picks up, the restaurant chain aims to lure thousands of workers with positions, pay and perks.

Good News, Job Seekers: Chipotle Plans Massive Hiring Spree Photo (cc) by stevendepolo

It’s a one-day hiring extravaganza for Chipotle Mexican Grill.

The Denver-based Mexican eatery plans to hire 4,000 employees across the United States on Sept. 9, The Denver Post reports.

The hiring blitz will expand the chain’s 59,000-member workforce by nearly 7 percent.

All 1,800-plus Chipotle restaurants in the United States will open early Sept. 9 to accommodate the hiring spree, holding open interviews for about 60 applicants between 8 and 11 a.m., the Post said.

Job seekers can register at

The hiring binge is an effort by Chipotle to lure prospective employees to fill entry-level positions.

“The economy has been thawing, more restaurants are opening, and there are fewer job applicants than there were several years ago,” Monty Moran, co-chief executive of Chipotle, told the Post.

The new hires will make about $10 an hour. In July, Chipotle began offering its part-time workers paid sick leave, paid vacation and tuition reimbursement, perks previously enjoyed only by its salaried workers.

“The company is also dangling the opportunity for quick promotions and a chance to land a special ‘Restaurateur’ gig — a level of achievement for the highest performing managers that would bring with it a company car and six-figure salary,” NBC News said.

Chipotle said it promoted more than 10,000 of its employees to managers in 2014. Company spokesperson Chris Arnold told CNN Money that an employee can go from an entry-level position to a general manager in about 20 months on average.

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