Here Is the Best Time to Book Your Thanksgiving Travel

The window to land the best deals on Thanksgiving travel is about to open. Find out when you need to book.

Here Is the Best Time to Book Your Thanksgiving Travel Photo by Roman Sorkin /

If you plan to travel during the Thanksgiving holiday, get ready to arrange your flight soon.

September is the best month to book flights for the Turkey Day travel season, according to an analysis by

According to our Holiday Flight data, purchasing in September is going to give you the best prices for Thanksgiving week. On average, booking in September will save you $37 more than people who book in October and $107 if you wait until November (so don’t procrastinate!).

In its Holiday Cheap Flights Report 2018, crunched the numbers while tracking 11,000 itineraries for flights during the holiday season. notes that the day you fly makes a big difference in the type of deal you can get. For example, the cheapest departure date was the Monday of Thanksgiving week. Typically, you will save $40 by traveling on that day.

Meanwhile, the cheapest return date was likely to be the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, when you can save $209.

Looking for more great tips on how to cut your costs? Check out “7 Simple Ways to Save Big on Holiday Travel.” There, we suggest more ways to save — including prebooking your parking:

Not only can you save major cash by securing your off-site airline parking in advance, but you’ll also save the stress that comes with finding a “Full” sign at your chosen lot.

You can also find additional travel-saving tips in stories such as:

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