Here’s a Simple Way to Lower Your Phone Bill

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If you think you’re paying too much for your cellphone service, you probably are. Many of us purchase wireless plans that don’t fit our needs and offer services we don’t even use. However there’s a fix for that. Often it only takes a phone call to our mobile carrier to get us on a better, more affordable cellphone plan. Here’s how to get the right plan for you:

Before you call your carrier:

Review your phone bill

Check your bill to find any unused services that you are paying for. If you don’t use it, lose it! Common add-on features such as memory storage, tech support and even roadside assistance may be included in your other paid subscriptions such as Amazon Prime and Costco.

Know your data usage

Study your bills over a few months to learn how much data on average that you actually use. You may, in fact, only be using a fraction of the data that you’re paying for. Also know that your carrier may have some data-free streaming options available that allow you to stream music from your carrier’s streaming partners without it eating into your data allotment.

Boost Mobile, a subsidiary of Sprint, offers data-free streaming.

Study the competition

Know what deals the other carriers are offering, and you’re more likely to negotiate a better deal with your carrier. Sites such as, a free cellphone and internet comparison site, compares over 30 carriers’ cellphone plans. Just plug in the data amount you need and how many lines you want, and you’ll see all the offers available.

When you call your carrier:

Ask the right questions

“Considering my data usage, am I on the most current, best value plan available?”

If you do nothing else, be sure to ask your carrier this single question. Since deals and plans are constantly changing, it’s likely there is a cheaper plan available. And if it’s been a long time since you’ve reviewed your plan, it’s also very likely you’ll even be able to get more data for less money.

This is also the opportunity to ask your carrier to remove any services on your plan that you’re no longer using.

“I’ve noticed that other carriers have better deals, is there anything you can do to match their offers?”

Knowledge is power, and if you know that another carrier if offering a better deal, share that with your carrier and see if they have a better offer. If they can’t come up with a satisfactory offer, you may want to consider switching carriers. Even if you are still paying off your phone, there may be attractive buy-out options available that make it worth the switch.

Once you’re on the best cell plan possible, make it a habit to regularly check in with your carrier to ensure you’re taking advantage of all the deals available. Change is fast and furious in the tech world, so it’s a good idea to keep your eye on the competition. Chances are there is a better deal available!

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