Way to Save #147: Homemade Cleaners

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Clean up on cleaners! You can often make your own cleaners that will save money and work just as well as their heavily advertised cousins. For example, combine 1/2 cup of ammonia, 1/2 cup vinegar and two tablespoons of cornstarch to a bucket of warm water and you’ll have a great window cleaner! And while you’re at it, use old newspaper to clean windows. Not only is it cheaper, it won’t streak. Baking soda does the same work as carpet deodorizer, scouring powder, and toilet bowl cleaner. It can even act as an antacid and a fire extinguisher. And how about vinegar? Combine it with salt, and it will clean your copper pots. It also polishes chrome, removes soap scum, and cleans your coffee maker. Cornstarch is more absorbent than talcum powder, and pure enough to use in place of baby powder. It can also clean carpet and remove grease stains.

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