2015 Was a Depressing Year on Facebook

2015 Was a Depressing Year on Facebook

Violence and upheaval punctuated 2015, and Facebook chatter reflects that fact.

The social media network recently released its annual analysis of topics of conversation.

The list of the most commonly mentioned topics worldwide includes subjects such as terrorism attacks, shootings, a natural disaster and a financial crisis.

The year’s most talked-about topics globally were:

  1. U.S. presidential election
  2. Nov. 13 attacks in Paris
  3. Syrian civil war and refugee crisis
  4. Nepal earthquakes
  5. Greek debt crisis
  6. Marriage equality
  7. Fight against ISIS
  8. Charlie Hebdo attack
  9. Baltimore protests
  10. Charleston shooting and flag debate

The 2014 version of this list included conflict but also charity (the Ice Bucket Challenge) and several sporting events (the World Cup, Super Bowl and Sochi Winter Olympics).

The year’s most talked-about topics in the United States are similar to the most talked-about topics worldwide — except the new “Star Wars” movie, Planned Parenthood and the Super Bowl beat out Syria, Greece and the Charlie Hebdo attack.

Facebook compiled these lists and others based on how frequently a topic was mentioned in Facebook posts made between Jan. 1 and Dec. 1. Data were analyzed in “an aggregated, anonymized way” and then ranked.

The top-ranked items by subject category include:

  • Athlete: Floyd Mayweather Jr. (American boxer)
  • Entertainer: Ed Sheeran (British musician)
  • Politician: President Barack Obama
  • Place: Disney properties
  • TV show: “Game of Thrones”
  • Movie: “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”
  • Video game: “FIFA 2015”

What topics did you notice most frequently on Facebook this year? Let us know below or on our Facebook page.

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