How Do I Apply for a Work-From-Home Job?

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This week’s question comes from Kayla:

“Is the application process different between remote jobs and the typical job application process?”

Finding a remote job versus a traditional job

Generally speaking, the application process for remote jobs is the same as the typical job application process. You’ll find remote job listings online, send your resume and cover letter to apply, and be invited for one or more job interviews before potentially being offered the job.

There are two differences between remote job searching and traditional job searching.

First, because there are so many scams in the remote job market — and increasingly so because of the pandemic and economic downturn — when you search for remote jobs online, you have to be extra careful.

Take time to research each opportunity and company before you apply, and try to use reputable job search websites like FlexJobs and that prescreen their remote listings and employers to get rid of scams.

Second, everything in a remote job search will happen by email, online interaction and over the phone. This means you’ll want to prepare for phone and video interviews and be careful to clean up your online presence — including the email address you’re using, your social media accounts and anywhere else you appear online.

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