Is This the Dishwasher of the Future?

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When it comes to getting your plates, bowls and utensils clean, dishwashers sometimes do a lousy job.

Conventional dishwashers often do not kill all microorganisms, experts say. In addition, they use a large amount of electricity and dump pollutants into water sources.

But an improved way to keep your bowls and cutlery clean might be on the way.

Superheated steam dishwashers could be the wave of the future, according to a new study. Researchers in Germany — from the Technical University of Dortmund and the Technical University of Munich — recently simulated the effect of such a dishwasher, which directs steam from a nozzle at an extremely high velocity.

The researchers found that in just 25 seconds, this type of dishwasher killed 99% of bacteria on a plate.

According to a summary of the findings:

“The model of an idealized dishwasher looks like a box with solid side walls, a top opening, and a nozzle at the bottom. A plate covered with a heat-resistant strain of bacteria is placed directly above the nozzle. Once the plate reaches a certain threshold temperature in the simulation, the microorganisms are deemed inactivated.”

The researchers note that their study involved a simulation with just one dish. It might take longer to clean a full load of dishes but still would likely be much faster than using a conventional dishwasher.

In addition, while the superheated steam dishwasher would initially cost more than a conventional unit, the owner could look forward to earning that money back thanks to savings on water, electricity and detergent, researchers say.

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