Is Wedding Insurance for You?

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If you’re getting married, you might want to check out wedding insurance. It’s not insurance for your entire marriage, but it could make for a less stressful ceremony. Is it for you? Is it even a good idea?

The most common reasons for wedding cancellations usually involve the bride and/or groom failing to show, something which would not typically be covered by a wedding insurance policy. However, wedding insurance usually covers cancellations due to unforeseen circumstances (a death in the family, dangerous weather, or military service). So, depending on your risk tolerance, job, family and location, wedding insurance may be something to consider… just don’t expect any miracles from these insurance policies.

And read the fine print! Make sure that, if you do choose a wedding insurance policy, you know what it covers and what it doesn’t, so you can pick the policy that best suits your individual risks.

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