9 Items You Need to Work From Home

Man working in home office
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Working from home has its perks: no traffic jams, no closed-off cubicles and no loud-mouth officemates disturbing your peace. That being said, not everyone can do it. For some people, their work requires them to be physically present.

Unfortunately, with the coronavirus pandemic, more and more companies are asking their employees to stay out of the office. If you’ve never had to take your work home, this could be a trying time — one that requires a swift adjustment.

To help you power through, you’ll need to create a comfortable and efficient work space. Whether you’re a regular to remote work or have been forced to make the transition, the following items will help you stay on task.

All these products get at least four stars from reviewers. Also, note that although the prices you see here will almost always be accurate, they sometimes differ slightly from what you will find at Amazon.

Note: Orders of some nonessential items may be delayed while Amazon prioritizes shipment of essentials, an Amazon spokesperson confirmed to Vox last week. To find out when a particular item would arrive, look for the “delivery date” during the checkout process.

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