Keeping Produce Longer

You’ve just come home from the grocery store where you carefully handpicked the freshest fruits and veggies you could find. Now that you’ve got the good-for-you green goods you want… how do you keep them fresh for as long as possible?

Handled properly, produce can stay fresh two to three times longer. Most produce is “Fridge Friendly” and lasts longest stored there. Experts say some vegetables… like eggplants, peppers and cucumbers only last up to three days in the fridge. And use them soon after you take them out.

Peaches and nectarines should go in the fridge only after they’ve ripened.

Tropical fruits last longer in a cool spot outside the fridge… so will tomatoes and bananas. Whole garlic, onions and potatoes last longer kept in a dark, dry spot.

Setting your fridge temperature too low can cause potatoes starch to convert to sugar, turning them sweet.

And did you know that apples and bananas give off a gas that promotes ripening? Best to store them away from other fruits. Whole garlic and onions also give off a gas, and it can affect potatoes… best to keep those three separated.

So store that produce properly, and the fruits of your labor could be food that tastes better, lasts longer, and lowers your food budget!

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