Knowing This Price-Match Policy Saved Me $16 in 30 Seconds

Knowing This Price-Match Policy Saved Me $16 in 30 Seconds Photo by gpointstudio /

I walked out of the pet store last week with an extra $16.10 in my pocket.

The dog toy and harness I needed cost a total of $37.98, but I got them for $21.88 — just because I knew the store’s price-match policy.

This is a great illustration of how knowing the price-match policies of brick-and-mortar stores can routinely net you serious savings.

It’s good to be familiar with retailers’ online price-match policies, of course. I seldom use those policies, however, because prices tend to be more competitive online. I’ve found it more time-consuming to get a price match online, too.

How I saved $16 last week

Multiple national pet store chains have locations in my area. But when I need to shop at a brick-and-mortar store, I go to Petco, as I did last week. That’s partly because it’s closest, but also because of its price-match policy.

I know Petco’s price-match guarantee clearly states that Petco stores will match the prices of And I know from shopping online that’s prices are generally competitive, even with Amazon’s prices.

So, when I was at checkout last week, I took 30 seconds to use my smartphone to find the items I was buying on Petco’s website. Then, I showed the online prices to the cashier. Within a matter of seconds, he rang up the lower prices and I was out the door with my $16.10 in savings.

How you can save a lot more

Take time to look up the price-match policies of the brick-and-mortar stores where you shop most. This research can pay dividends time and time again.

Just do a web search for the retailer’s name and the phrase “price match.” If a policy seems vague, ask your local store how it implements the policy.

Start by getting to know the policies of Best Buy and Target if you shop at either chain. My household has gotten our local Best Buy and Target stores to match the prices of Amazon.

My husband adores that about Best Buy, because it means he can get competitive prices on gadgets and games without having to wait two days for shipping.

Have you used price-match policies? Tell us about your experience below or on Facebook.

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