Ladies: 14 Great Very-Last-Minute Gift Ideas for Your BFF

Here's cool stuff for your best pal, when you finally have a chance to get away from the relatives and celebrate.

Ladies: 14 Great Very-Last-Minute Gift Ideas for Your BFF Photo by Vagengeim /

My favorite part of holiday gift shopping is buying for my best friend.
I’ve found the most-loved BFF gifts are whimsical, silly or funny. Clearly there’s nothing wrong with a luxury item or serious gift, but having an adult BFF gives you a license to give the corny stuff you would have given as a kid — if only you’d had some disposable cash.
One of the best I ever received was a framed photo of a celebrity crush of mine. I laughed myself silly and adored my friend for capturing a piece of our long history as pals.
Here are 14 gift ideas to spur you toward the perfect gift for your BFF:

1. Best Friends mug

Enesco/ Amazon / Money Talks NewsEnesco/ Amazon / Money Talks News

Yes, this is corny and silly, which is why it’s the ideal gift for your best friend. It’s dishwasher-safe, microwave-safe and is 4.5 inches in diameter. That means it holds a massive amount of coffee. Buy it from Amazon for just about $12.

2. Leslie Sansone ‘Miracle Miles’ workout

Leslie Sansone/ QVC / Money Talks NewsLeslie Sansone/ QVC / Money Talks News

Is there any woman who wouldn’t love working out with Leslie Sansone, famous for her walking workout? One of the best gifts my BFF ever gave me was a set of Sansone’s videos. They are fun and because you do them at home (they don’t require much space) you don’t have to brave changeable weather outdoors. Her new set — “Miracle Miles” — is a five-DVD system that combines cardio, strength and flexibility in a 15-mile at-home workout. Buy it from QVC for about $40.

3. ‘Peggy & Me’ by Miranda Hart

Miranda Hart/ Amazon / Money Talks NewsMiranda Hart/ Amazon / Money Talks News

If you don’t know award-winning British comic Miranda Hart, you are missing out. Think of her as the English version of Tina Fey or the female equivalent of James “Carpool Karaoke” Corden. “Peggy & Me” is Hart’s ode to her dog Peggy, the Shih-Tzu Bichon Frise cross that not only helped Hart heal a broken heart but taught her — in a fun, friendly way — to love again. True, it won’t be available on the U.S. Amazon until Jan.1, but give her a print-out of the cover. It will be well worth the wait. Available on Amazon,

4. Poketo planner

Poketo / Money Talks NewsPoketo / Money Talks News

As much as we all love tech, it’s often nice to just quickly take pen to paper. Let your BFF do that in style with the pretty Poketo Agenda Planner. It’s divided by year, month and week and even has sections for personal notes (fave restaurant, movie to check out) and more. Write little notes inside before you give it to her. This one features Smyth Sewn binding so pages won’t come loose. Find it at Poketo for about $36.

5. Peas Pass the Salt Shaker Set

Modcloth / Money Talks NewsModCloth / Money Talks News

You and your BFF are two peas in a pod so why not buy something silly and sweet to show it? Choose a cute peas in a pod salt and pepper set for about $20 from ModCloth.

6. Wine-dispensing tote

Uncommon Goods / Money Talks NewsUncommon Goods / Money Talks News

You know those summer concerts or picnics you enjoy while sipping wine? Give your BFF a cool way to transport that or other beverages with a pretty wine tote. It’s a splurge — about $130 — but will pay for itself in no time. Find it at Uncommon Goods.

7. ‘You Are My Person’ keychain

Heavenly Charmed/ Etsy / Money Talks NewsHeavenly Charmed/ Etsy / Money Talks News

A keychain that subtly reminds your BFF how much you love her is a great gift. She can glance down at her keychain — you know, during those stressful times — and remember her pal adores her. A cute dual set — one for you, one for her — is on Etsy for less than $20.

8. Thelma and Louise coffee cup set

IslandGirl Designs/ Etsy / Money Talks NewsIslandGirl Designs/ Etsy / Money Talks News

Morning chats with your BFF — whether at the kitchen table, on the phone or via Skype — are even more fun when you’re sharing a beverage in a special mug. Big fun. Find a set on Etsy for about $25.

9. iPlanet Bluetooth selfie stick

iPlanet/ Amazon / Money Talks NewsiPlanet/ Amazon / Money Talks News

Take her photo and video selfies to a new level with a iPlanet Bluetooth Selfie Stick. This one is easy to use, goes from 9 inches to 39 inches and — hooray! — has an anti-twist feature (so it doesn’t spin around when you try to take a shot). The iPlanet Bluetooth Selfie Stick works with iOS and Android. Buy it for about $30 on Amazon.

10. Faux fur eye mask

Nordstrom / Money Talks NewsNordstrom / Money Talks News

Even the most ardent nappers sometimes have trouble dozing off if there is light in the room. Buy your insomniac BFF a cute faux-fur eye mask for about $30 from Nordstrom.

11. Color Me Floral stationary

PaperSource / Shutterstock.comPaperSource /

Note cards are among those little niceties few of us buy for ourselves. You can buy your BFF some Color Me Floral Stationery that allows her to let her true colors shine through. Find them at the Paper Source for about $15.

12. Bling car key holder

CarSoda / Money Talks NewsCarSoda / Money Talks News

Putting some pretty in the everyday lets your BFF know you support her girly-girl inner self. Find her a Bling Car Key Holder With Rhinestones at CarSoda for about $25.

13. Heart accent pillow

Nordstrom / Money Talks NewsNordstrom / Money Talks News

When she’s ready to just lie back and relax, she will appreciate this imported Heart Accent Pillow made out of acrylic, polyester faux-fur and filled with polyester. And when she’s not relaxing? It can just look pretty wherever she places it. Find it for about $40 at Nordstrom.

14. Lilly Pulitzer ID case

Lily Pulitzer/ Zappos / Money Talks NewsLilly Pulitzer/ Zappos / Money Talks News

Give her a burst of springtime for the whole year with a Lilly Pulitzer ID Case. The iconic pattern can’t help but brighten the mood. Find the Lilly Pulitzer ID Case at Zappos for about $25.

What is the best present you’ve ever given to — or received from — your best pal? Share with us in comments below or on our Facebook page.

Nancy Dunham
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