Lower Your Cable Bill In 5 Minutes

Here’s one that we’ve tried, and it works. If you’ve got cable, look around on the Internet for a deal offered by a satellite TV provider. If you’ve got satellite, do the same thing for a cable provider. Then, call your company and tell them you just found a great deal with someone else and you’re thinking about canceling your service.

When we tried it, the cable company (which shall remain unnamed) immediately offered a $10 a month credit for 6 months… and $15 when we asked for a supervisor. All in all, the call took about 5 minutes and saved $90. Of course, the length of time you spend on the phone depends on your company’s customer service, but the savings are worth it.

Still not enough savings for you? Try looking for your favorite shows online. Sites like Hulu.com will let you watch a ton of TV, including new episodes of great programs, for free. As TV channels look for additional ways to earn money, you can bet more of these sites will pop up.

Lower Your Cable Bill In 5 Minutes

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