McDonald’s Lobster Roll Back on Menu

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McDonald’s has brought back its lobster roll sandwich. But you won’t find this item on the dollar menu.

Instead, the sandwich will set diners back $8.99 – or $13.99 for those who want the full value meal with fountain drink and fries, according to a report in Food World News.

The sandwich is available in parts of New England and Canada for a limited time. It has been absent from McDonald’s menu for about a decade.

Why would anyone spend so much money for an item that is far more expensive than typical McDonald’s fare? explains:

It’s made with North Atlantic lobster, mayonnaise, topped with lettuce on a freshly toasted roll and clocks in at a mere 290 calories, fewer than many other fast-food options. At $8.99 it’s a steal, compared to New England lobster shack prices that are usually $15-$25.

Still, not everyone is impressed. Fox News reports that a reviewer in Canada characterized the sandwich as “revolting.”

Adam H. Callaghan at Eater gave the new lobster roll an extremely negative review:

If you don’t live near the ocean, this menu item might make sense. For those of us on the crustacean-rich coast, there’s no reason for its existence. I wouldn’t eat this farce again for any price.

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