Is Mother’s Day More Important Than Father’s Day?

By the numbers: Find out how much readers expect to spend on gifts for their moms, how moms most like to spend Mother's Day and whether this occasion outranks Father's Day.

Is Mother’s Day More Important Than Father’s Day? Photo (cc) by Monkey Mash Button

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Mother’s Day has been one of the most popular American holidays since 1908, when Anna Jarvis began her campaign to have Mother’s Day recognized as a U.S. holiday. She wanted a day set aside to acknowledge “the person who has done more for you than anyone in the world.”

She eventually thought the holiday became too commercial, but ask most mothers out there how they expect to celebrate Mother’s Day, and it’s not expensive gifts they’ll tell you about — it’s time with their family.

The majority of our readers are women, and 85 percent are mothers. Because Mother’s Day is right around the corner, we surveyed our readers (you) to find out more about one of the most universally celebrated holidays in the world.

Thanks to Maya Borenstein of LittleThings, we were able to compile your answers into this easy-to-read infographic that can be easily shared.

2015 Mother's Day Survey Results:

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