Move Over, Colorado: Pot Is Officially Legal in Oregon

As of Thursday, anyone who is at least 21 can purchase marijuana in Oregon. Which state is likely to legalize pot next?

Move Over, Colorado: Pot Is Officially Legal in Oregon Photo (cc) by Tony Fischer Photography

Marijuana is now for sale — legally — in Oregon.

As of Thursday, anyone who is at least 21 can purchase up to 7 grams (a quarter-ounce) at a time of dried marijuana flower or leaf, as well as plants and seeds, CBS MoneyWatch reports.

The first legal purchases were made shortly after the stroke of midnight Wednesday, as some of the state’s 200-odd dispensaries opened early for the historic day.

At Shango Premium Cannabis in Portland, co-founder Shane McKee told CBS moments after midnight:

“It looks like there is about 60-70 in line out front. They all seem extremely eager.”

At River City Dispensary in the town of Merlin, owner Chris Byers told CBS he prepared for the day by stocking up:

“I’m just trying to basically stock up for maybe four or five times what the normal volume would be.”

Marijuana purchases are also tax-free in Oregon until January, which saves shoppers up to 20 percent.

Reuters notes that Oregon is now the third state, after Washington and Colorado, in which the sale of recreational marijuana is legal under state law despite the fact that it remains illegal under federal law. The possession and growing of marijuana became legal in Oregon in July.

The District of Columbia has also legalized marijuana possession. In Alaska, where voters approved use and possession of pot last year, regulations for stores are in the works. In Ohio, legalization will be on that ballot in November, with other states following suit in 2016.

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