Oprah and KFC Give Coupon for Free Chicken

Oprah and KFC Give Coupon for Free Chicken

Popular talk show host Oprah Winfrey has partnered with popular fried chicken chain KFC to offer every person in America 2 pieces of chicken with 2 biscuits.

The only catch? You have to download the coupon by midnight May 6th (CDT). Unfortunately, you can’t use the coupon on Mother’s Day (there goes our gift idea!)

Where do I get it? Simple… Oprah and KFC have set up a site for you to download and print out your coupon. Visit : www.unthinkfc.com

Which KFC’s are participating? You can download a list of participating KFC restaurants from this link: http://media.oprah.com/sterm/GrilledRestaurantsList.pdf

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