Thief looking at a car to steal.
10 Cars That Thieves Steal More Often Than Any Others

Your car could be particularly attractive to thieves.

Older woman reveals secret to younger woman
Today’s Seniors Reveal 6 Surprising Lessons About Retirement

Expectations about retirement don’t necessarily align with the reality of living in the golden years.

Happy homebuyer couple
3 Signs Housing Might Be Entering a Buyer’s Market

Are homebuyers finally about to gain some ground in housing markets?

Federal Reserve
When Will the Fed Cut Interest Rates? The Wait May Be Long

Here’s what the experts are saying.

Confused man holding a calculator
5 Quick Ways to Save Money Right Now

Use these strategies to help you trim the fat from your spending.

Skeptical financial advisor
Just 14% of Financial Pros Are ‘Very Confident’ in This Popular Strategy

Experts don’t think this approach will work as well as it has in the past. But that doesn’t mean they are right.

Senior woman looking at an empty wallet
Here’s the Cost of Retiring in the 10 Most Expensive States

Think your retirement savings are enough? Guess again if you plan to live here.

Angry woman holding cash at an ATM
Even Paying With Cash Can Now Cost Extra

More consumers who want to pay in cash are being forced to use a “reverse ATM” — and they are being charged for the service.

happy family at home
8 Reasons Why Single-Family Homes for Rent Are Ideal for Families

There can be a number of benefits for families that rent homes.

Scenic streets in historic center of Cascais, Portugal
Overseas Real Estate: The Route to a Richer, More Interesting You

These are the core reasons to seriously consider an overseas property investment.

Happy retired man in his car
Retired Life Is As Cheap As It Gets in These 10 States

Discover the communities where retirement dollars can stretch to meet your budget.

Woman drinking fruit juice
8 Ways You Are Harming Your Teeth Every Day

It’s easy to damage your teeth in ways you might not even suspect.

Federal Reserve System Board of Governors Building
What Is ‘the Fed’ — and Why Should You Care?

The Federal Reserve has the power to make our lives better or more difficult.

9 Genius Money Moves to Make Before Age 40
9 Genius Money Moves to Make Before Age 40

Supercharge your finances and own your 40s with these savvy tips

Senior man smiling and holding wads of cash money for retirement
11 Ways Money Really Can Buy Happiness

How you spend can be an big investment in your quality of life.

man with bag of bread
15 Delicious Uses for Stale Bread

Instead of throwing out stale bread, put it to tasty use with these recipes.

Concerned old woman
6 Things Many People Get Wrong About Long-Term Care

You could experience exploding expenses and family feuding if you don’t know what you’re right to expect.

Happy older couple looking at and talking about their finances on laptop.
7 Expert Tips for Better Money Conversations With Your Partner

Struggling to discuss finances with your partner? These tips can help foster healthy dialogue.

Young American female voter
Gen Z Disagrees With Older Generations on the Top Election Issue

Three generations agree on the top issue in this year’s presidential election, but Gen Z dissents.

Costco Wholesale sign at dusk in Redmond, Washington
11 New Products Coming to Costco in June

Every Costco shopper has their favorites, but why not try something new? Here are some of the latest products.

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