Woman with COVID-19 home test kit
A Trick to Finding COVID-19 Tests in Stock Online

Can’t find an at-home test kit? These sites can help.

Surprised woman
7 Ways to Avoid Pricey Home-Repair Surprises in 2022

Home repairs can get expensive fast. But with smart precautions and proper attention, you can avoid some big bills.

Happy couple buying a house
The 16 Most Popular Housing Markets of 2021

These places have the most-viewed real estate listings, high housing inventory and good price appreciation, according to a new study.

Woman with headphones using her phone while walking outdoors
8 Things That Actually Got Cheaper Last Year

These prices bucked an almost universal inflationary trend by falling during 2021.

Excited woman shopping online
This Hidden Costco Perk Can Save You Money on Name Brands

The program is small but growing, currently offering around 1,000 products.

Man putting spices on meat
Are These Herbs and Spices Harming Your Health?

Consumer Reports says nearly one-third of seasonings it tested had risky levels of lead or other heavy metals.

3 High-Tax States Americans Fled in 2021 — and Where They Moved

States notorious for high tax rates saw a flood of residents picking up stakes and moving.

Woman holding money
4 Banks Where Fees Are Lower in 2022

It is likely that other banks soon will follow suit.

Getting organized
12 Tools to Organize Your Life in 2022

If you’re ready to get everything in its proper place and take charge of your schedule and space, this is how you do it.

House for Rent
15 American Cities Where Renters Never Move

Where do renters stay put the longest? According to census data, these are the most popular places.

man relaxing at computer
7 Things You Should Always Put on Autopay

Use autopay to simplify your life and your finances.

Happy woman holding a laundry basket
This Generic Laundry Detergent Brand Offers the Best Value

A relatively cheap detergent is rated best for the money by Consumer Reports.

Couple cooking a meal together
Eating This Kind of Fat May Increase Your Stroke Risk

Consuming a different type of fat may be safer.

Man holding a snow shovel
8 Products for Getting Rid of Snow and Ice

Handle anything snow season throws at you with these must-have tools.

Woman with COVID test
How to Avoid Fake COVID-19 Test Kits

Scammers are on the prowl. Here is how to steer clear of the junk they are peddling.

Making a food delivery while wearing a mask
The Minimum Wage in Every State in 2022

The federal minimum wage may not be changing in 2022, but many states have increased their wage requirements.

Older couple reviewing documents
Here’s How Much Your Peers Get in Social Security

See how your Social Security benefits compare with those of other people your age.

Man taking COVID test at home
Insurers Cover At-Home COVID-19 Tests Starting This Week

Over-the-counter COVID-19 tests soon will be available to many Americans for free. Here’s how to get yours.

Woman listening to voice mail message
A Step-by-Step Guide to Saving Your Favorite Voicemail Messages

If a message has become a treasured memory, there is a simple way to preserve it.

Pharmacist talking to a customer
Prepare to Pay More for These Drugs in 2022

More than 600 prescription medications have seen price hikes so far this year.

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