Smiling man with credit card
10 States With the Highest Credit Scores

Scores are climbing in every state, but these places are setting the pace.

Upset senior reading a document
Working in Retirement: Why and How You Might Choose to Stay Busy

Many seniors continue to work at least part-time. You could be one of them.

Man surprising his partner with a gift while she is cooking
6 Great Gifts on Sale at Amazon Today

As the holidays near, we’re highlighting some of the best deals on gift ideas.

Unhappy girl with a guitar
Stop Buying These 19 Things Online

The internet has changed how we shop. But for some things, you’re still better off buying the old-fashioned way.

The Cost of Thanksgiving Dinner Over Time
The Cost of Thanksgiving Dinner Over Time

The price of holiday staples has changed a lot over the past 60 years. Here’s how much.

Happy confident senior woman
New Research Shows You Should Rethink This Popular Retirement Strategy

This retirement planning rule has been widely touted for decades, but does it still hold true?

15 States That Consume the Most Gasoline
15 States That Consume the Most Gasoline

Rural communities and lower gas prices may be why residents of these states tend to fill up more often.

Unhappy man with Thanksgiving turkey
5 Common Turkey Cooking Mistakes That Can Make You Sick

Done right, a Thanksgiving feast creates wonderful memories. Done wrong, it could send someone to the ER.

Woman shocked by her mortgage balance
4 States Where Mortgage Balances Are Rising Fastest

As home prices climb higher, loan balances are ballooning in these places.

Daughter giving a gift to her father
The 12 Best Gift Cards to Give in 2021

These retailers’ and restaurants’ gift cards rank highest based on multiple features.

Man holding up his hand to stop a home purchase
5 Home Services You Should Not Pay For

Some can be had for free, and others are of dubious value.

Quinoa salad
8 Easy Ways to Cut Back on Meat

You don’t have to go cold turkey to enjoy the savings and health benefits of eating less meat.

Upset woman on a tablet computer
9 Mistakes Everyone Makes When Shopping on Amazon

Are you losing money due to any of these missteps?

Upset woman looking at price tag
8 Big Retailers With Small Black Friday Discounts

Buyer beware: This list includes some beloved chains — even warehouse clubs.

surgeons operating on a patient
3 Places Where No Hospitals Earn Top Marks for Safety

How do the hospitals in your state compare?

Excited woman holding lots of money and money raining from above
How to Invest $10 Million

If you find yourself with a pile of cash, here are some smart things to do with it.

Holiday shopper
The 10 Best Cities for Holiday Shopping

These cities have the most stores, the lowest sales tax rates and other favorable metrics for holiday shopping.

Senior woman drinking coffee
Your Social Security Checks Get Bigger on This Date

Social Security recipients will see their monthly payments grow soon. But the exact date differs from person to person.

Young girl with folded laundry
This Costco Laundry Detergent Is Ranked Best for the Money

A relatively cheap detergent earns the title for “best value.”

Women exchanging holiday gifts
10 Thoughtful Gifts That Keep on Giving

Can’t find the right gift? These ideas are waiting for the taking.

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