Wealthy businesswoman in New York City
The 8 Wealthiest Cities in America

A recent report estimates how many millionaires and billionaires live around the world. We have a lot of them.

6 Big Retailers With Small Black Friday Discounts in 2022

Spoiler alert: The average discounts at Amazon and Costco are among the tiniest.

Skeptical confused man looking at a suspicious text message on his phone
7 Text Message Scams to Avoid and Report Immediately

Watch out. These are some recent and ongoing tactics commonly used to rip us off.

Woman shocked by something she's reading online
How to Remove Personal Information From Google Search Results

You can tell Google to remove search results that reveal your private information and put you at risk.

Product manager
15 Affordable Cities With the Most 6-Figure Jobs

These places have a low cost of living and high median income.

Woman looking at box of old things to donate or sell
17 Things You’re Keeping for No Reason — and Should Toss

Face facts: These things are just taking up space.

Man gives thumbs down to bottled water
17 Things Frugal People Never Buy

If you’re a true tightwad, the mere thought of spending money on these items gives you the willies.

older woman shocked by bill
4 Types of Medicare Penalties — and How to Avoid Them

Medicare provides affordable health insurance for seniors, but it could cost you more if you make these mistakes.

Happy woman drinking coffee
If You Find This Thrift Shopping, Buy It

Let’s talk coffee — and cash. Brewers made by this iconic brand can resell for hundreds of dollars.

Money in a Minute for the Week Ending Nov. 19
Money in a Minute for the Week Ending Nov. 19

Here’s a quick look at the biggest financial news of the week.

Doctor with prescription drugs
Is This Symptom Really Linked to Cholesterol Drugs?

New research debunks an old myth about taking statins.

3 Ways Recessions Can Make You Rich
3 Ways Recessions Can Make You Rich

Recessions can be painful, but they’re also the best time to plant the seeds of wealth.

Upset man worriedabout bills
11 Expenses That Quietly Drain Your Wallet

It’s scandalously easy to overspend in these areas of your life.

5 Handy Keyboard Shortcuts That Make Internet Life Easier

These are almost as useful as “copy,” “paste” and “undo” shortcuts.

Happy female traveler
This Travel Fee Just Got Cheaper

Those who fly often are getting an early holiday present.

Excited millennial using a laptop
15 Early Black Friday Deals Available on Amazon Today

These items are steeply discounted — but the deals won’t last long.

Frustrated homebuyer
Want to Buy a Home? Forget It, Unless You Make This Much

The amount of income you need to buy a home is sobering.

Alan Hovhaness
15 Surprising Things You Can Clean in a Washing Machine

A lot of household items get nasty. But don’t toss them out — try tossing them in your clothes washer instead.

Happy proud middle-aged businesswoman or mother feeling successful about saving
10 Smart Habits of Frugal People

Frugal people know how to get their needs met without overspending. Their money-saving habits are easy to implement and can greatly boost your budget.

Woman hugging her car
The 5 Most Reliable Car Brands, According to Consumer Reports

Car manufacturers from one region of the world lead the way.

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