Man waves at video doorbell ringing the button to enter his apartment building or home
7 Reasons You Might Not Want a Video Doorbell

It seems like everyone has a video doorbell nowadays, but here’s why you should consider passing on these devices.

Clint Eastwood
12 Celebrities Who Have Run for Public Office

From Hollywood glitz to gritty politics, see which celebs traded the red carpet for the race to public office.

Woman filling up gas tank
11 Vehicles That Are the Most Expensive to Fill up

Uncover which rides leave the biggest dent in your wallet at the gas station.

Stethoscope and cash with a calculator and tax forms for an HSA or health savings account or health insurance
3 Ways a Health Savings Account Can Improve Your Finances

Open an HSA in minutes to help you save on taxes, pay your medical expenses and grow your retirement nest egg.

Senior couple excited driving down the coast of Florida in retirement or on vacation
7 Questions to Ask Before Retirement to Get the Life You Want

Make sure you’re well equipped to make your retirement dreams a reality.

Unhappy woman in retirement
63% of Workers Bet on This Retirement Strategy. It Rarely Works.

Workers have a plan for navigating retirement. Actual retirees report a different experience altogether.

A senior man does yoga.
4 Habits That Could Lengthen Your Life — Despite Your Genes

These lifestyle factors appear to be particularly influential on lifespan, even in people predisposed to premature death, a study finds.

Senior woman playing golf in retirement at a golf course in Tucson, Arizona
10 of the Best Places to Retire in Arizona

Retirement living choices abound in the Grand Canyon State’s big cities, small towns, forested mountains, sun-drenched desert and even a beach resort.

Couple meeting at the bank.
Banks Are Offering Hundreds of Dollars to New Customers. What’s the Catch?

These bonuses don’t come without strings attached.

Nurse and senior patient together
16 Jobs That Include Free Housing

Explore careers and industries that include housing as part of the job.

10 Great Graduation Gift Ideas

Use this list to find thoughtful gifts that are great for high school and college grads.

Closing door to bedroom
Why You Should Sleep With the Door Closed Every Night

Experts say closing the door before you go to sleep could save your life.

Senior woman eating soup or messy pie in a bowl by the kitchen window
3 Ways Supplemental Security Income Is Changing in 2024

More Americans with limited income soon will be eligible for this federal benefit.

happy man with piggy bank
7 Ways to Trick Yourself Into Saving Money

These are effective ways to divert money to savings without even noticing that it’s gone.

Happy Middle-Aged Couple
Why I Have Zero Regrets About Moving Overseas

What kind of life will you find in your overseas adventures?

Hazardous E-Waste Recycling. Household electrical and scrapped electronic devices in recycle box.
How to Sell or Donate Old Electronics

Get rid of your unwanted electronics safely, and maybe even make a few bucks.

senior friends at restaurant
27 Restaurant Chains That Offer Senior Discounts

Diners as young as age 50 can score a discount at these restaurants.

Man cooking on a stovetop
This Cooking Oil May Lower Your Risk of Deadly Dementia

As little as half a tablespoon per day made a significant difference in a study of more than 90,000 people.

A woman drinking coffee in the morning in front of tiny home.
5 Major Retailers Now Selling Tiny Houses

There are hundreds of little housing options to choose from, and these retailers send them right to you.

A man plans his finances on his laptop and with notes
How to Set Life Goals and Create a Financial Plan for Achieving Them

Make your retirement plan more meaningful with these key considerations.

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