Man using a digital calendar on his computer
9 Money Dates and Deadlines in December 2021

Miss one of these, and it could cost you.

7 Bonehead-Simple Ways to Turbocharge Your Credit Score
7 Bonehead-Simple Ways to Turbocharge Your Credit Score

That three-digit number affects your finances in lots of ways. Fortunately, some fairly simple fixes exist for slumping scores.

Senior couple with financial adviser
How to Choose a Financial Planner

Use these tips to find the perfect planner to guide you to financial success.

Woman thinking about money
Are Alternative Investments a Good Idea for Your Retirement?

This wide category of investments, from antiques to real estate, could make sense for you. Here’s how to know.

Rich couple in front of their home
The 10 Most Expensive ZIP Codes in America

Keeping up with the Joneses is never easy, especially if you live in one of these cities.

Senior woman with eyes closed and hands to her heart.
Going to Bed at This Hour Might Protect Your Heart

A new study finds that folks who hit the hay at this hour developed less heart disease.

Doctor talking to an older patient in her office
4 Ways to Get Health Coverage If You Retire Before 65

You have a bunch of options, even if you aren’t working.

President Joe Biden
6 Tax Breaks in Biden’s Build Back Better Bill

If the current version of the bill becomes law, Americans could enjoy some of these tax credits and deductions for years to come.

Couple shopping online
It’s Cyber Monday: Here Are Some of Amazon’s Best Deals

Many of these discounts are at least as big as those offered on Black Friday.

Happy car owner
These Are the 9 Most Reliable Automakers

The top three car manufacturers maintain their reputation for reliability for a second straight year.

Happy older investor
The Best Asset Allocation at Different Ages

Your investing needs will change as you age. Here’s how to make sure you’re safely keeping pace for retirement.

Older couple in front of a house for sale
The Most Popular Homebuying Locations in the Americas

Data show these are the most popular places outside the U.S. for second homes.

Woman wondering if she should spend
7 Ways Americans Plan to Fight Inflation

Many consumers plan to trim spending in a few key areas, a survey finds.

Man setting up a wireless internet router
The 4 Best Internet Router Brands, According to Shoppers

Is your Wi-Fi not working as well as you’d like? Maybe it’s time to try one of these brands.

Marshalls department store
Secrets to Clothes Shopping at Discount Retailers

You can rack up big savings at stores like Marshalls and Ross — but only if you’re smart about it.

Seniors Moving
15 Tips to Successfully Downsize in Retirement

If you plan to downsize in retirement, use these tips to make your move a success.

10 Attempts at Frugality That Could End Up Costing You Money
10 Attempts at Frugality That Could End Up Costing You Money

You think you’re being smart, but these 10 things could have your money going up in smoke.

Senior couple at home
7 Times You Should Not Pay Off a Mortgage Before Retiring

It often makes financial sense to avoid paying off your mortgage before retiring.

Seniors playing games together
5 Secrets of Seniors Who Keep Their Minds ‘Young’

Here is why some seniors’ brains work as well as those of people who are decades younger.

Money with Stacy Johnson
How to Organize Your Finances, Step by Step

Can you learn how to manage your family’s finances in minutes a year, while doing a better job? Yes, you can.

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