Woman taking supplements vitamins
Why Vitamin D Pills Might Not Work for Some People

New research suggests that not everyone benefits equally from supplements.

Family preparing for natural disaster
6 Free Tools That Help You Prepare for Natural Disasters

There are many federal government and nonprofit websites to help homebuyers and others trying to understand the risks where they live.

5 Powerful Mental Tips to Accomplish Your Goals
5 Powerful Mental Tips to Accomplish Your Goals

If you’ve ever had trouble creating financial goals and sticking to them, this podcast is for you.

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The 10 Best Thrift Store Chains

Not all secondhand stores are created equal. According to a thrift shopping pro, these chains are doing things right.

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A 5-Minute Fix for People Who Sit All Day

This prescription isn’t too hard to swallow.

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Edmunds Rates These 6 New Cars the Best in 2023

An old favorite is the new pick for the best overall car of the year, according to the experts at Edmunds.

Retired couple walking on the beach
8 Topics to Tackle If You Want to Survive Retirement With Your Spouse

In retirement, it’s more important than ever to make sure you’re on the same page.

Frustrated man worried about money and finances for retirement while looking at his laptop
How to Overcome the 8 Biggest Challenges of Remote Work

Creating a designated work area can help keep you focused and help you get away from work at the end of the day.

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Don’t File Your Taxes Until You Have These 7 Things

Before you file your taxes this year, make sure you grab these documents.

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11 Deep Discounts Available on Amazon Today

These items are steeply discounted — but the deals won’t last long.

Large home in Illinois
These 10 States Have the Biggest Homes in America

Bigger is better for homebuyers in these states.

Woman adding white wine to a pan with mussels, preparing food
9 Ways to Use Alcohol Without Drinking It

Don’t let leftover alcohol derail your Dry January. Here’s how to put it to use without drinking it down.

Successful job interview with boss and employee handshaking
5 New Hiring Trends Job Seekers Should Be Aware Of

Stay on top of your job search with the latest trends in job hiring today.

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15 Products That Make Retired Life Better

Whether you’ve been retired for a while or plan to stop working soon, these Amazon products have you covered.

fast food worker minimum wage
The Minimum Wage in Every State in 2023

The federal minimum wage may not be changing in 2023, but many states have increased their wage requirements.

Woman driving car and giving thumbs up
This Is the Cheapest New Car You Can Buy in 2023

This is the only new vehicle that you can buy in America for less than $16,000.

people looking at water over road, rising sea levels, climate change
These U.S. Cities Will Be Most Impacted by Rising Sea Levels

If sea levels rise as predicted, these cities will be in deep trouble.

Senior couple on vacation enjoying a long life and happy retirement
How to Create a Realistic Retirement Budget

Retirement can mean a big change in your cash flow. Here’s how to stay on top of your budget.

Happy man hugging his brand new car
7 of the Worst Car Buying Mistakes You Can Make

This is a big purchase, so getting it wrong can be expensive.

Small house
10 States With the Smallest Homes

The average single-family home has more than doubled in size since 1950.

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