Happy retired couple
The Top 11 Reasons People Retire Earlier Than Planned

Some workers quit their jobs early by choice. Others are not so lucky.

Newark, New Jersey
15 Cities Where Homebuyers Make the Biggest Down Payments

There is a deficit of homes, which means higher costs. In these areas, the competitive market has pushed buyers to put more money down.

Happy senior couple
10 Cities Where Retirees Rely on Social Security the Most

The federal retirement benefits program is a vital lifeline for seniors in these places.

Customer boycotting a business
The Top 3 Reasons Americans Are Boycotting Companies

Businesses that make these missteps may see customers take their money elsewhere.

Retired friends on the beach
This Is the No. 1 Source of Retirement Planning Advice for Retirees

Workers look for retirement advice in many different places. These are the most popular.

An investor panics over a market crash
7 Lessons From the 2020 Stock Market Crash

It’s important to learn from the past, especially since it will eventually repeat itself.

Couple watching streaming service on smart TV
Now Even Your TV Puts You at Risk of Fraud

Don’t be too eager to watch your favorite shows — check for this threat first.

Happy man holding money
How a Roth IRA Conversion Turns a Stock Market Plunge Into a Plus

Some people can use the current downturn to their long-term advantage.

Woman with empty wallet
How an IRS Change Could Hurt Your Heirs

The proposed rule is a surprise to many financial advisers.

Money with Stacy Johnson
7 Actions to Take Now to Get the Life You Want

The COVID-19 pandemic has many of us reevaluating our lives and our finances. Use these tips to make the most of your money and your life.

recession market scare crash downturn stock business men
6 Typical Warning Signs of a Recession

Jittery over unpredictable financial markets? These indicators offer a reality check on the risks.

Upset woman with a package
The 10 Biggest Regrets of Online Shoppers

Those who have purchased goods online say these are their biggest frustrations.

Thoughtful older woman
This Surgery May Lower Alzheimer’s Disease Risk by 30%

A common surgery that many older Americans need has been strongly linked with a reduced risk of dementia.

Woman applying makeup
Think Gas Is Expensive? These Everyday Items Cost $500 a Gallon

These household products may seem reasonably priced at first glance. But get ready to be shocked by the unit price.

African American man sleeping
Going to Bed at This Hour May Help Ward Off Heart Disease

A large study finds that folks who hit the hay at this hour developed less heart disease.

Father giving cash to his adult son
3 Ways Young People Are Ruining Their Parents’ Finances

The woes of today’s younger Americans are causing ripples that damage their parents’ finances.

Woman using her oven
Eating This Food Every Week May Help Ward off Dementia

A study finds that the right diet may lower your risk of cognitive decline and brain disease later in life.

Poor senior counting change
Here’s How Much Social Security’s Buying Power Has Plunged

This is why retirees can buy far less with their Social Security payments today than 20 years ago.

Man reviewing stocks and making investment decisions
9 Tips for Sane and Successful Stock Investing

Here’s how to seize growth without losing your mind.

Upset shopper at a grocery store
10 Types of Groceries That Just Broke Price Records

Overall inflation might be waning, but the price spikes for these particular foods are higher than ever.

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