Frustrated woman looking at smartphone with a bad signal or suspicious message
4 Tricks to Improve a Bad Phone Signal

It’s hard to tell if some common tactics for signal boosting actually help. But these things will, and we can explain why.

Shopper at a grocery store
2 Common Food Additives Linked to Cancer

These ingredients could be in foods that are in your fridge or pantry right now.

Beach on the Azuero Peninsula of Panama
9 of the Best Places to Retire in Panama — and One to Avoid

Discover your ideal locale for retirement and investment in Panama.

Businesswoman with laptop and calculator working in an office on financial estimates or tax returns
Do You Have Too Much Home Insurance — or Not Enough?

Balancing the cost of your premiums with adequate coverage can be tricky. Here’s what you can do.

Happy driver and car owner
4 of the Cheapest Cars to Insure in 2024

Drive more, worry less. These cars could save you lots of cash on your insurance bill.

13 Weird Ways to Use Ketchup
13 Weird Ways to Use Ketchup

Forget expensive tools and products — ketchup can do the trick.

Woman at work
10 Best Overseas Jobs for Americans

These are the best fields, companies, and tips for finding work abroad.

Senior wearing a face mask receiving a vaccine injection
Over 50? You Need These 5 Vaccines, the CDC Says

Now is the time to schedule vaccines that can keep you healthy — and even save your life.

Toyota 4Runner SUV
The 10 Most Expensive Cars to Drive in 2024

These cars, trucks and SUVs come with a hefty price tag that extends well beyond the dealership.

iPhone in a bowl of dry rice
Rice Won’t Save Your Wet Phone. Please Stop, Apple Says.

Here’s what Apple now advises you do if your iPhone gets wet — no rice necessary.

Suspicious man holding a briefcase full of money protectively, clutching his cash and angry or running with the money
5 Things Criminals Have to Pay Income Taxes On

Whether or not the IRS sincerely expects to collect money on these things, it’s about as funny as taxes get.

Woman preparing taxes at home
Expert Tax Time Tips for Every Age Group

Head into tax season well-prepared with these age-appropriate tips.

Costco pharmacy
New Costco Pharmacy Discount Rivals Insurance Co-pays

Costco is offering a new low price for certain prescription drugs. Here’s how — and where — it works.

Stressed woman with a calculator paying bills or doing taxes
14 Surprising Things That Are Taxable

How many of these forms of income did you know were subject to federal taxes?

Happy senior going fishing with a fishing rod in retirement
The 10 Most Affordable States for Retirees in 2024

If living expenses are the most important factor for retirement, a recent analysis says these are the best places to live.

Woman thinking about her job and what to spend money on holding cash
10 Ways to Become More Lucky With Money

Even the most talented people can be weighed down by a lack of luck.

Young woman holding money
25 Online Jobs That Will Help You Build the Life and Career You Want

Discover the wide range of remote work opportunities waiting for you.

Ybor City, Tampa, Florida
The 25 Best Places To Retire in America in 2023

These cities rank highly based on health care, affordability, activities and quality of life.

Woman using a laptop on her sofa and drinking coffee
13 of the Hottest Products on Amazon Today

These items are in much higher demand right now.

Tired, frustrated or bored man sitting with smartphone and waiting for a phone call possibly sitting on hold
A New Google Feature Could End Waiting on Hold Forever

Save time with a free new feature from Google — even if you have an iPhone.

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