Pregnant? There’s a Wine For You!

Pregnant? There’s a Wine For You! Photo (cc) by Daveybot

Pregnant women might find it a little depressing when celebratory “cheers” start up at a party, followed by the clinking of glasses, if their beverage is a can of Sprite, or a cup of ice water.

A North Carolina mom and entrepreneur had those expectant women in mind when she created 9Months, a non-alcoholic sparkling wine.

9Months is made from south Australian grapes that are typically used for wine production. But in this case, the grapes are used to make a sparkling red or white non-alcoholic wine, which is then packaged and labeled in a traditional wine bottle, cork and all.

9Months founder Carrie Marvin said she created the concept so pregnant women could have a festive drink at a special occasion, or just because. “There’s such a void in the market,” Marvin told MarketWatch.

The carbonated boutique grape juice comes with a hefty $16.50 price tag.

Apparently there is a healthy market for non-alcoholic wine and beer. Check out this website, which only sells non-alcoholic wine. I had no idea. MarketWatch said:

… the alcohol-free wine and beer segment is in something of a growth mode. Sales in the U.S. increased by 5.6 percent to nearly $100 million in 2014, according to one published report. While pregnant women may constitute a part of this market, there’s clearly plenty of demand from others avoiding alcohol.

A portion of each bottle of 9Months wine (the website doesn’t say how much) benefits the March of Dimes charity.

I applaud the concept of a festive drink for pregnant women, and I love that some of the proceeds, though I wish I knew how much, is donated to the March of Dimes. With that said, I would never pay $16.50 for a bottle of carbonated juice, especially when you can buy Martinelli’s sparkling juice at any grocery or drug store for about $3 a bottle. I don’t care if the bottle has a pop top instead of a cork.

When I was pregnant, I celebrated by ordering virgin drinks, from Bloody Marys and daiquiris to the Shirley Temples I enjoyed as a child but otherwise felt silly ordering as an adult.

What do you think about 9Months wine? Are you a non-alcoholic beer or wine drinker? What’s your favorite drink? Share your comments below or on our Facebook page.

And while we’re on the subject, here’s a video to help you choose the right beverage for after the baby is born. Money Talks News founder Stacy Johnson explores the question: “Is the pricey Champagne worth it?”

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