Save Up to 80 Percent Today During Amazon’s Huge Digital Sale

Jonathan Weiss /

If you consume any kind of digital content, Friday is your day: Amazon is bringing back the big digital sale it debuted after Christmas last year, making it an annual event like Prime Day.

The Dec. 29 event is called the Digital Day sale, and Amazon describes it as the time when the company offers “the biggest savings of the year on digital content.” Such content includes movies and TV shows, as well as mobile games and e-books, for example.

What to expect for Digital Day 2017

Amazon will offer 40 percent more deals during the Digital Day sale this year compared with last year, according a company announcement about the 2017 event.

That amounts to more than 5,000 deals across eight categories, which include:

  • Movies
  • TV shows
  • Mobile games
  • Apps
  • E-books

As for e-books, if you don’t already have an e-reader or don’t receive one over the holidays, don’t worry. You can still read e-books on other devices, as I detail in “How to Enjoy E-Books Without Buying an E-Reader.”

You’ll find all the Digital Day deals on Amazon's Digital Day page once they go live.

Amazon has already revealed a handful of deals, though. They include:

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