Saved Up $1,500? 7 Things to Do Next

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Congratulations, you’ve successfully saved up $1,500. Give yourself a well-deserved pat on the back.

Now’s the time to leverage those savings and make yourself even richer. You have lots of choices. Should you add more to your savings? Pay off some debts? Invest? Find ways to make extra money on the side?

Here are some strategies to reach the next level of financial security.

1. Invest in real estate (with as little as $10)

It used to be that investing in commercial real estate, like apartment or office buildings, required lots of money and lots of expertise.

Not anymore, thanks to an online investing platform called Fundrise. Now people with modest amounts of money (i.e, $10) can own a piece of lucrative real estate holdings. Fundrise tears down the traditional barriers needed to invest in real estate property, and so far over 1.7 million consumers have used Fundrise to invest in landholdings.

It takes $10 to get started investing on, and that minimum must be maintained. The platform is easy-to-use, open to all investors (of all experience levels) and there are other investment options too, like IRA and venture capital funds. investments have seen an average annual rate return of 5.29% over the past five years, a stark contrast to the average, annual 0.23% interest your money gets by sitting in a savings account.

This means Fundrise has the potential to make 2,300% more money than it would have made in your regular bank account — or under the mattress. And if you’re feeling skeptical or gun-shy, you can give Fundrise a shot for as little as $10.

Note: This is a testimonial in partnership with Fundrise. We earn a commission from partner links on All opinions are our own.

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2. Cancel your car insurance

If you’re like most Americans, you’re probably paying too much for car insurance. But shopping around for a better deal can be a hassle.

That’s why you should check out Provide Insurance, the largest online marketplace for insurance in the U.S. Provide Insurance lets you compare quotes from more than 175 different carriers in minutes.

All you have to do is answer a few questions about yourself and your driving history. Then Provide Insurance will show you the best options for your needs and budget.

You could save up to $610 a year on car insurance by using Provide Insurance. That’s money you could use for other things, like investing, saving or paying off debt.

Don’t let your current insurer charge extra. Try Provide Insurance today!

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3. Don’t waste thousands on car breakdowns

As a nation, we’re hanging on to our cars a lot longer: The average U.S. vehicle is now 12.1 years old. Trouble is, most of the big-ticket auto repairs happen long after the warranty has expired.

Driving your car until the wheels fall off = no car payments, and more money to invest. Paying out thousands in car repairs every year = less money to invest. Fortunately, you can get great coverage for repairs with Endurance.

Endurance sells vehicle service contracts, which are similar to auto warranties. They’ll cover your ride up until it’s 20 years old. Think of it as up to eight more years without a car payment, which is pretty great given that the average new car loan is over $710 a month.

You can choose from among three different plans. All of them include 24/7 roadside assistance, a rental car allowance and a free year’s worth of the Elite Benefits program (which has features like key fob replacement, a collision discount, complete tire coverage and a $1,000 payment if your vehicle is declared a total loss).

Endurance has more than 350,000 ASE-certified repair facilities on speed-dial. Repairs are paid for upfront, which means the only thing you need to cover is the deductible.

Protect yourself from costly auto repairs.

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4. Lower your bills with free expert help

There’s a good chance your wireless, internet and cable companies would cut you a deal if you asked. But that would require you to get on the phone, spend who knows how long on hold and then say no to all the new services they try to sell you.

Fortunately, a free service like BillCutterz is willing to take on the tedious and time-consuming task of bill negotiation for you. While there are no guarantees, you could save hundreds of dollars per year. And with no up-front cost involved, you’ve literally got nothing to lose. Even better, you can get started in three easy steps.

Take two minutes, create your free account and find out how much BillCutterz can save you.

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5. Talk to a free debt coach

National Debt Relief is one of the most respected providers of debt relief in the country. They’ve helped more than 500,000 people, are A+ rated by the Better Business Bureau and also top-rated by TopConsumerReviews, TopTenReviews, ConsumersAdvocate and ConsumerAffairs.

How it works: You fill out a form on the company website, then a debt coach will call you to learn more about your situation. If they can help you, they’ll set you up with an affordable plan that works for you — and give you an estimate of when you can expect to be debt-free! There’s also no upfront fee and no obligation to get started.

National Debt Relief can help you with almost any unsecured debt, like credit cards, personal loans, medical bills, repossessions … even some student loan debt.

Ready to start a new, happier chapter of your life? Click here and see what they can do for you!

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6. Get $100 or more for trying fun, free apps

It sounds too good to be true, if not bizarre beyond belief, but it’s a fact. You can earn cash for trying new apps, new products and new offers.

KashKick is a fun, simple way to earn money online. This free loyalty and rewards platform empowers users to make extra money and ease stress. They connect you with free apps, free games, and free deals that can make and save you money.

Here’s how it works. Try a featured offer, like signing up for an e-newsletter or registering for freebies in the mail. KashKick will get a commission from the advertiser, and then share a portion with you: your kickback. Featured offers can pay anywhere from $1 to $100 — or even more.

You already try new products and services, so make sure to take advantage of these kickbacks.

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7. Leave your family $1 million — for less than $1 per day

There’s nothing you wouldn’t do for your family, right? Well, if something happens to you, who’s going to pay the mortgage, or college bills? This is why life insurance is so important.

Not everybody needs insurance. If your kids are grown, and you have a sizable bank account, there might be less of a need. But if your family would have a hard time getting along without you, life insurance is definitely something you should look into. Just don’t pay too much for it by buying the wrong kind, or buying from a commissioned salesperson.

Shopping for life insurance used to be a long, complicated process. Now? Not so much. For example, Ethos is a company that lets you apply online in minutes without getting off the couch. There are no medical exams, no blood tests, and you can get term life insurance ranging from $100,000 to $2 million. And for around $1/day you can get $250,000 in term coverage: less than you might be spending now on coffee.*

Simply answer a few online health questions and get a personalized quote in less than five minutes.

This could be the most important thing you ever do for the people you love.

And Ethos is rock solid: They’ve protected more than 100,000 families and have provided over $34 billion in coverage. So, why not check it out?

*Sample quote based on 20-year term for 40-year-old nonsmoking male

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